Welcome to Honors Biological Principles (BIOL 1511)

We designed this website as your resource for course materials, which include readings, short videos, and interactives. As you work, please login to leave comments, ask for clarifications, or to propose corrections to the materials you find here. There’s a comment box at the bottom of each webpage.

You can link directly to each day’s reading from the course syllabus on Tsquare or navigate using the menus across the top of the page.

In addition to this website, you can choose between two textbooks in Honors Biological Principles: Biological Science, 5th ed by Freeman and OpenStax Biology.

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Sample Videos

View these videos for ideas on what makes a good video.  As you watch, consider the elements that make each video engaging and how you could use those elements to explain evidence-based concepts (which is the goal of this project after all!)

An example of a highly rated and high-scoring group project video from a previous semester

Fun Science: Light

Vi Hart: Hexaflexagons

Evolution: It’s a Thing – Crash Course Biology #20 (This one is long, but you’ll get the idea after 5 minutes if you are time-limited.)

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Budding yeast research


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F16-11: Mice, Malaria, and Microbiomes

Posted in Fall2016 Bioenergy&Microbiomes | 33 Comments

F16-08: Evolution of Hoxa11 genes

Posted in Fall2016 Genetics | 17 Comments

Group 13-The Effect of Ecological Factors on Coral Reef Diversity

Posted in Fall2016 Ecology | 37 Comments

Group 9: DNA and Evolution

Created By: Olivia Piscano, Christine Yin, Amenda Kang, and Jolie Tucker

Posted in Fall2016 Evolution | 20 Comments

F16-05 Universailty of the Human Microbiome Dynamics

Posted in Fall2016 Bioenergy&Microbiomes | 27 Comments

Group 12: The genetics behind alcoholism in rats

Posted in Fall2016 Genetics | 30 Comments

Group 3: The Selective Advantage of Synonymous Codon Usage Bias

Posted in Fall2016 Genetics | 30 Comments

Group 2: Evolution of Tremarctinae Bears

Posted in Fall2016 Evolution | 31 Comments

Group 10: Metabolism of Humans and Primates in Relation to Brain Size

Posted in Fall2016 Bioenergy&Microbiomes | 37 Comments

F16-07 – Predation’s Effects on Social Complexity

Posted in Fall2016 Ecology | 32 Comments