F18-8. CNN: Coral Bleaching

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  1. Justin Rowe says:

    I liked your puppet format, kind of goofy but it still got all your points across well and it kept me engaged. Poor Freddy fish though :'(

  2. Ashley Salen says:

    Video told in easy to follow story setting which made it fun and engaging, yet some information could have been expanded on, such as why healthy coral is more biologically fit than unhealthy coral. Class topics such as natural selection and biological fitness were explained.

  3. Chloe Pryor says:

    Wonderful idea and format. That was really cute. I also felt that you explained bleaching and its potential impacts very well. Good job.

  4. Tana Nguyen says:

    This video was very engaging and cute! I loved the images in the back, especially the Spongebob related images :)! Also, I loved how you guys simplified the information so that it was understandable. You guys organized the video well. My favorite part of the video was the interview with Freddy and how that interview gave insight on how the destruction of the coral reef can have an effect on fishes.

  5. Tamia Jones says:

    This video was honestly really funny to me. I ‘m glad that you were able to fabricate this new idea and take a twist on how to relay the information that was given to you. I wish there was a little bit more depth on what was happening to the surrounding environment as a result, but that may or may not have related to your study. Overall, I loved the video!

  6. Payal Patel says:

    This video kept me engaged and explained the concepts of natural selection, biological fitness, and effects of coral bleaching on coral species well. My favorite part was when species Clair coughs to show that it is unhealthy. I can’t wait to see your next news report about the lost coral.

  7. Brooke Mckenzie says:

    This was so cute!! The editing was well done with the green screen and cool news intro. The little bleached coral was so sad to hear, but it got the point across perfectly! This would be prefect for explaining complex topics to kids. I like all the different characters you had; they each play a great part in explaining the effects of coral bleaching.

  8. Vivien Ly says:

    Very cute and engaging idea to do a news report! I thought the concepts were explained in a manner easy to follow and understand. I now have a better understanding of coral bleaching and how certain coral species are affected by rising temperatures in the water. I also like how you connected it to natural selection.

  9. Dorothy Lubin says:

    Loved the spongebob background! The voiceovers were full of energy and it was cool learning about corals while seeing some of my childhood on video. Though as Ashley said, it would’ve been helpful to know what you all exactly defined as a “healthy” or “unhealthy” coral. Other than that the video was perfect!

  10. Jaynie Rice says:

    I loved the storyline of this video, very captivating. The paper was a very an interesting topic, and y’all did a good job of explaining it and relating it to things we have learned in class. Also, the over-voices were very enthusiastic which made the video enjoyable to watch, and the graphics were great. However, the video was not quite five minutes, so y’all could have expanded on the healthy and unhealthy coral in order to make the video 5 minutes.

  11. Julia Bartlewski says:

    This video is so creative and engaging. I especially enjoyed the Spongebob incorporation. You did a great job explaining the effects of coral bleaching. Information was clear and easy to understand. Great Job!

  12. Jessica Meredith says:

    This video was extremely entertaining! I loved the format of it, and everything was so easy to understand. I liked the creativity of the puppets and different points of view, but some topics could be explained in higher depth. I would have liked to see a how the research was conducted and explanations of the data and graphs. Overall, it was a fantastic video that kept me fully engaged, great job!

  13. Sunny Jin says:

    The video graphics were so cool, and I loved the under-the-sea town concept. You explained your information well and in an interesting way. The interview section was humorous. Good job!

  14. Akhil Kulkarni says:

    I loved the creative approach you took with this video, you kept it engaging throughout. Some of your information was a little random at times which detracted from the main theme but overall you did a fantastic job. Nice video!

  15. Aruodo Nnanna says:

    Y’all really put a lot of effort into this with the visuals and editing and that translates through the video. I almost forgot that I was watching this as part of an assignment. A couple concepts could have been explained with a liiiiittle bit more detail for further clarification as some people have already mentioned. But what WAS explained completely was done so very clearly. Overall, you guys did a great job!

  16. David Osayi says:

    This was hilarious and eye-catching. Professor Spencer mentioned puppets in class, but I didn’t think it would actually be done! It was executed great and the format was great (btw I’m a fan of the spongebob background)

  17. Nina John says:

    This video was so fun to watch! The editing was really creative and made the information more engaging. The information about coral bleaching and temperature’s affect on coral was interesting.

  18. Alexandra Edwards says:

    A nice job making this a truly enjoyable and light hearted video to watch. Though your topic is highly serious in real life, the video production helped me grasp your ideas with ease. A creative and unique idea, I believe this is an eye catching video with great information.

  19. Sarah Pearson says:

    This is my favorite video so far! Great job y’all. As everyone has already said, the visuals were engaging and kept me interested. The one thing I did notice is that the video did not contain a lot of facts from the article. If more information was included from the article, this video would be perfect.

  20. Susan wang says:

    Great job! The sea creature puppets were so cute and engaging. you did a great job relating information back to what we have learned in class.

  21. Shelsea Escobar-Quintanilla says:

    This video has been one of my favorites so far! I like how you guys took a creative, different approach to this project and made it very entertaining and interesting to watch, which additionally made it easier for me to follow along and understand coral bleaching.

  22. Matthew Manion says:

    The video was very creative and clearly conveyed why coral bleaching is occurring and why it’s bad for the environment. I really enjoyed the presentation and thought it was well made.

  23. Aaqila Faizer says:

    Your approach to explaining coral bleaching was creative and engaging. I was able to easily understand the video’s concepts and how it related to topics discussed in class such as natural selection. Great job!

  24. Allison Jara says:

    Great job thinking of a creative and cute way to explain the topic! It kept me very engaged and wanting to hear more about coral bleaching. I can tell you guys put a lot of thought and effort into creating this video.

  25. Yeun Soo Lee says:

    Nice visualization! The video was very creative with the style and the visuals. I think you guys did a great job on explaining the informations even for someone without any knowledge in the field. Good job!

  26. Michael Brimer says:

    Very funny and creative way to get information across to the audience. Even the bubble sound effects really added to the overall quality of the video. Hope to see more is done to prevent further coral bleaching.

  27. Stacy Aragon says:

    This video idea was so cute and funny! It really helped tell a story with the information with the article rather than just a lot of facts. Putting the information from the article in a real world perspective really helped relay the importance of coral bleaching and its consequences.

  28. Marteisha Danielle Griffin says:

    Your puppet format and story was very different and funny. The visuals and banter kept me very engaged. I didn’t know anything about coral bleaching and this video was very informative and fun!

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