F18-1 Evolution of Metazoan Morphological Disparity

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31 Responses to F18-1 Evolution of Metazoan Morphological Disparity

  1. Justin Rowe says:

    Awesome video with great visuals! They kept me engaged throughout the video and each illustration did a good job of representing/complementing their spoken word

  2. Chloe Pryor says:

    Good job! That was a really interesting concept, and the drawings and voiceover were very well done.

  3. Tana Nguyen says:

    The drawings in this video are amazing!! The drawings kept me very engaged! I liked how you guys defined phylogenetic trees, fossil records, and phylum which made it clear that that was a connection to our class notes! Also, this topic was pretty interesting-relating to the exaggeration part.

  4. Isabella Savell says:

    I agree with everyone else, the visuals are great! I especially liked how you tied the article back to what we studied in class.

  5. Brooke Mckenzie says:

    The drawings were all really well done! I liked the way you defined complicated terms in the beginning, so we could understand the rest of the video. The sound quality is also very high and helps to keep the viewer’s interest since it is so lively. (The little elephant butterfly was SO cute!)

  6. Jessica Winkler says:

    Good video. I think the visuals with the video are great. I do with we were looking at them head on instead of at an angle though. I also like how the drawings were simple versions of what was being said.

  7. Vivien Ly says:

    The art was so good! I like how multiple lines of evidence were given to support that the Cambrian explosion has been exaggerated and how it shows the change in fossil characteristics rather than overall phenotypic difference.

  8. Dorothy Lubin says:

    Unique idea! I liked the drawings though the video seemed a bit too fast paced. Makes sense though sense you had a lot of information to pack into a short time.

  9. Molly Niepoky says:

    The visuals were great and I though you did a great job relating the information back to class topics. You covered a lot of information and still made it engaging good job!

  10. Julia Bartlewski says:

    The illustrations in this video are so impressive. It is extremely creative. Content is clear and easy to understand. Good Job!

  11. Jessica Meredith says:

    The drawings in the video were excellent and related well to the topic being discussed. Although the terms were defined well, the pacing of the first half of the video was a little too fast paced for the viewers to clearly understand. The research is related back to the modules, and it is often easy to comprehend. Good job!

  12. Sunny Jin says:

    The drawing are great, and it looks like you put a lot of effort into making the information visual to the viewer. This article seems very complex, so there were some concepts and terminology that were unfamiliar to me. This video seems very thorough in covering the scope of what the article described. Good job!

  13. Concilia Ariri says:

    I love the overall visuals in this video. The informative provided was clear and concise.

  14. Concilia Ariri says:

    I loved the overall visuals in this video. The information displayed was clear and concise. It was wonderfully done.

  15. David Osayi says:

    This was super creative and cool. Didn’t know what to expect from these videos, but it definitely wasn’t a time lapse of these drawings. The drawings were enthralling and obviously, a lot of hard work and dedication was put into this. I really enjoyed this.

  16. Thy Nguyen says:

    I loved the illustrations and how it went along the video content! The content was also easy to understand and the connection to the class was great. This was a (berry) good video!

  17. Henry Crossley says:

    I wish I could draw as well as y’all! The sketches were awesome, and they did a fantastic job at providing a visual for your information. The information was portrayed in a clear and easy to understand way.

  18. Veronica Winkeljohn says:

    The visuals throughout the video are amazing and incredibly detailed! Specifically, I thought the detail of the drawings themselves made it easier to more fully understand the topics the narrator was discussing at that time. I also liked how you defined important terms from the article and then discussed the article itself, ending with a nice overall summary of the article.

  19. Alexandra Edwards says:

    You’re video is very impressive! Everything matches up-from the audio to the speed of drawings, I was captivated throughout your entire video. It is evident you all put a large amount of work into this video and it truly shows.

  20. Susan wang says:

    Great video guys! The art was wonderfully drawn (your hands must be tired after all of that), and the concepts were presented in a clear and concise way. I loved the bit with the CAMbrian/ cambrian.

  21. Shelsea Escobar-Quintanilla says:

    Amazing visuals! Your illustrations made it so easy to follow along and understand the information from your article!

  22. Lily Torp says:

    Great Job! The visuals reinforced what the narration was presenting, and I especially liked how all of the terms were defined early on in the video, making the study easier to understand. A lot of interesting details presented in a concise yet entertaining way!

  23. Akhil Kulkarni says:

    Very creative with the illustrations, they really helped you simplify your topic. The enthusiasm with the CAMbrian explanation was great. Audio quality could have been improved but overall a solid video.

  24. Joviane Leandre says:

    Really great video! I really liked the drawn-out visuals, I think they were really well drawn and made it easy to follow. I liked how you defined some of the key terms, it really shows your audience awareness. The audio seems to soften about halfway through the video, but overall a really great job.

  25. Yeun Soo Lee says:

    Nice drawings! It was very colorful and eye catching! Connecting back to the class material was also very nicely done.

  26. Michael Brimer says:

    Loved the artwork done in the video. It made it very easy to follow along and visualize what was being said. Interested to see future studies done on the diversification of Metazoan species.

  27. Victoria Winkeljohn says:

    I think you did a really good job visualizing the information from your essay; however, next time I think you could have done a better job *simplifying* the information from your essay, so to would be easier to understand/interpret. The video just seems dense, but otherwise, you did a very good job!

  28. Audris Jones says:

    I love the illustrations! They help keep the viewer interested and makes te information easier to understand.

  29. Stacy Aragon says:

    The illustrations were very impressive! The breakdown of the article was super helpful and kept the video intriguing. The concepts taken from the article were very well developed, without spending too much time on the basics. Great job!

  30. Neha Bhatia says:

    This was a great video! The visuals were well done, and the video was very easy to follow and understand the concepts.

  31. Marteisha Danielle Griffin says:

    Wonderful job! I love that you guys did something different and drew out all of your processes, which was brilliant. Great job!

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