F18-11 Unisexual female salamanders

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  1. Ashley Salen says:

    Made multiple connection from class topics (natural selection, genetic diversity, fitness, gene flow), which contributed to the viewer’s background knowledge of the article. Clearly addressed goals of study. Some of the information was discussed fast and a bit hard to keep up with. Overall set up of presentation was clean, interesting, and professional, though a little repetitive in the beginning. Presentation conveyed through graphs, words, speech, images, and a song kept presentation engaging throughout. Overall, great job guys!

  2. Chloe Pryor says:

    This concept was really, really interesting. Your video was very professional, and I also loved the music video at the end. I was a little confused about what actually was involved in the study and methods and felt you could have explained a bit more comprehensively, but that is difficult to do in only 5 minutes. Good job!

  3. Tana Nguyen says:

    I loved the editing of this video! Although it was simple, I was still engaged with the information. I loved the music video and the choreographed moves! It was super creative and fun to watch! It was great seeing the connection with older notes and the article when you guys talked about allopatry, gene flow, and polyploidy.

  4. Tamia Jones says:

    This video was so good! I would have never assumed an event like this was possible, but your group did a very great job explaining this concept, and the video itself was very well pieced together and very mature. I also loved the little song at the end, good job!

  5. Isabella Savell says:

    The design on this video was very impressive! The introduction was a bit fast, but this is understandable considering the time limit. The explanation of the salamanders evolution was very detailed and fully captivating.

  6. Payal Patel says:

    This video was like one of the videos I watch to learn a concept. It was really professional, and the concepts were easy to understand! I was able to understand the concept of introgression events with the figure presented. The pace was just right. I also like how you connected the results of this study with its application to understand other species who also have two sets of chromosomes. The ending was great!

  7. Brooke Mckenzie says:

    The design of the video was very nice and professional. I had never heard of unisex salamanders before, but your group covered the topic very distinctly and clearly. I loved the little music video segment at the end! It really got my attention and was funny.

  8. Vivien Ly says:

    I like how you guys included a summary on the screen of what you were saying for the introduction so it made it clear and easy to understand and follow. The song at the end was so creative and cute! It was a good summary of what was previously discussed about the female unisexual salamanders and introgression by kleptogenesis.

  9. Anastasia Pavlyuk says:

    I loved how professional and clean your video looked. The information, especially in the beginning, was explained a little too fast and I had trouble keeping up. The topic you covered seems very complex and interesting. Overall, I think you did a great job of explaining such a difficult topic!

  10. Jaynie Rice says:

    Overall the video was great. The beginning should have been slowed down a bit to give viewers time to process what was being said. The editing of the video was very clean and captivating. The music video at the end was a great touch and was super creative and amusing. The actual paper was an interesting topic and y’all did a great job explaining the concepts and connecting them to ideas that we have covered in class.

  11. Elizabeth Blackmon says:

    The video started off a little hard to follow with all of the writing and how fast it was, but the information was incredibly thorough. This is a really cool and complex topic, and your group did a great job of explaining it in five minutes. Overall, the video was very informative and reiterated topics we discussed in class effectively. The ending music video was amazing and added a fun touch to the science.

  12. Akhil Kulkarni says:

    Overall the video was polished and well done. At points the video was too fast and hard to follow, but you did a great job explaining the ins and outs of a difficult topic. Your animations and voiceover were crucial components of the video but the song at the end was extremely creative and fun to watch. Great job relating the material back to class and keeping it interesting!

  13. Aruodo Nnanna says:

    Great video! Super in depth analysis of the data presented and what it means. Y’all took a rather difficult topic and explained it in terms that would be really easy for the average person to understand which is so important! As far as production quality, the visuals look great! It was a bit difficult to grasp the information towards the beginning of the video because the audio was sped up kinda fast. But overall, you guys did a good job!

  14. Concilia Ariri says:

    I really love the graphics that you integrated in your video. It looks very professional. The informative depicted in the video showcased the information we learned in class beautifully.

  15. David Osayi says:

    Although things were a little hard to understand and follow in the beginning, I enjoyed this video a lot. I appreciated the small things such as the editing and breakdowns (such as summaries) and the level of presentation. The final presentation at the end was just fun to watch and listen.

  16. Henry Crossley says:

    This was a great video on a very interesting topic. I think you did a great job at explaining your paper despite the limited time you had. The music video at the end really made the whole video for me. I loved it!

  17. Anna Wang says:

    The video’s editing was clean, and, except for the beginning, the pace was fantastic. The presentation of material with appropriate supplementation of definitions made the concept of introgression easy to comprehend. Overall the video was great and the inclusion of a music parody was creative!

  18. Nina John says:

    I appreciated the summaries and definitions included in your video. The connections to topics learned in class were present; including gene flow, natural selection and fitness. I found this video very informative and the information about introgression by kleptogenesis very interesting.

  19. Alexandra Edwards says:

    This topic alone truly caught my attention, and I was impressed how presented this topic in an engaging manor. I saw this especially as you were able to get your footing moving though the topic; the clarity of the information got much better as the video continued. This is a very interesting topic, nice job!

  20. Sarah Pearson says:

    The little song remake at the end was so funny! The video had a lot of good information in it, just a bit fast. Since the visuals were not very engaging, the ending was a nice touch! Overall, it made multiple ties to our bio 1511 class and is a great, informative video!

  21. Susan wang says:

    Great video! I loved the background music and the visual effects. The video was both informative and very creative. Some of the speakers were speaking a little too fast for me, but that is a lot of information to fit into five minutes.

  22. Shelsea Escobar-Quintanilla says:

    This was a clean, informative, and creative video! I liked how you included definitions at the very beginning such as evolution and gene flow as a sort of refresher since it was included in our very first module of the semester. I really enjoyed the video at the end, it demonstrated creativeness and I felt like it tied the whole video together.

  23. Matthew Harris says:

    Good information on the subject. The beginning was a tad vanilla with lots of info being discussed with animations that weren’t really related to the topic, but the graphs and figures were appreciated in helping connect this information for the viewer. Loved the little song at the end as well. Awesome job!

  24. Matthew Manion says:

    I thought the animations were very clean and helped to keep my attention on the information during the video, and the transition to the song was unexpected but kinda did cause me to remember the key points of the paper.

  25. Aaqila Faizer says:

    Your video concept is very well explained. The graphics were appealing and the text was helpful since the speakers did talk quite fast. The song at the end was an especially creative way to summarize the major concept of the video.

  26. Allison Jara says:

    I loved how your video was very organized and included images that related to your topic; these helped a lot with understanding the information that was being presented. Also, great job adding a creative spin to the project with the music video!

  27. Joviane Leandre says:

    This video was very well made! There were a lot of great graphics and images used to engage the audience. I also really liked the end of the video, I thought it was really cool and helps you stand out from other videos. The audio was a little weird in some places, but overall I really enjoyed it.

  28. Yeun Soo Lee says:

    Great video! I really liked the song at the end! It was a little fast but it was very informative. The connections with the materials we learned in class was also nicely done. Good job!

  29. Michael Brimer says:

    The beginning was a bit fast for me but the video was very impressive overall. The figures made the concepts easier to digest and the flow of the video was smooth. Enjoyed the new information on salamanders and the “girl power” comment.

  30. Victoria Winkeljohn says:

    Great job defining important terms -especially terms that related back to our class- at the very beginning of the video; it really gives the audience some background information. However, next time maybe add more visuals so it appears less wordy.

  31. Katerina Shalikashvili says:

    I love how creative this video is! The video at the end was very funny and creative and also informative! I also like how you included definitions to clarify for the audience.

  32. Marteisha Danielle Griffin says:

    I really love the song choice! Overall your topic was clear and precise. The ending part of the video really got my attention. I think the pace could have been slower. The connection to our class topics was included wonderfully.

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