F18-3 The Evolution of The Mammalian Jaw

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36 Responses to F18-3 The Evolution of The Mammalian Jaw

  1. Ashley Salen says:

    Information conveyed in a way that was easy to keep up with and for the viewer to understand. Visuals kept presentation engaging. Class topics, such as the phylogenetic tree, natural selection, and mutation, were well explained and connected to article.

  2. Chloe Pryor says:

    I loved the drawings and voiceover that you went with your video. The lists and illustrations were very clear and helpful. I did feel that you could have talked about the methods of the article a bit more.

  3. Tana Nguyen says:

    The drawings and handwriting in this video were amazing! I loved how you guys broke down the information from the article so that it was understandable. You guys made the connection between the articles and class notes very clear. The video was very simple, yet contained detail explanations.

  4. Tamia Jones says:

    I love that you reviewed a good portion of the topics covered in the study and gave definitions and examples so that we could understand the entirety of the study in a better way. Also, loved the drawings, great job!

  5. Tamia Jones says:

    The video overall was great! I loved that you gave a good review over a decent portion of the topics covered in the study so that the audience would not have trouble following along. Also, the graphics were wonderful. Great project!

  6. Payal Patel says:

    The drawings and concepts were clearly explained and easy to follow. Although the information was not on the screen for long, I was able to follow along with the voiceover. Nicely done!

  7. Vivien Ly says:

    The voiceover was clear and easy to follow supported by appropriate explanations and figures. Very creative! I like how you guys connected many concepts of evolution and natural selection from class to the article.

  8. Anastasia Pavlyuk says:

    I loved how accessible you made the information. Although you went in depth with your topic, it was very easy to follow along. I wish the visuals were a little more engaging. Other than that, I really liked the simple format of the video!

  9. Jaynie Rice says:

    Great video! Y’all did a great job of connecting the paper to topics we discussed in class and explaining those topics. Perfect for review before the final. The graphics were a great idea and made things easier to understand, especially the drawings of the mammalian jaw as that could have been a confusing topic. Also, the editing was done really well.

  10. Elizabeth Blackmon says:

    The video presented the information from the article very well, breaking down all the concepts with an in-depth explanation. I liked the style of the video with the voice over and found it to be a helpful review on many of the topics from class. The connection between the article and class topics was well demonstrated, and the figure was also interpreted with a good level of understanding.

  11. Molly Niepoky says:

    I loved how you guys broke down the information using drawings and connecting it back to information we already learned in class. It was very thorough, clear and well done. Great job!

  12. Jessica Meredith says:

    Great video! The terms were defined very well and clearly, and the associated drawings were interesting and creative. The video and research were simple to understand since everything was broken down and explained. The voiceover was monotone at times, so more inflection could make the viewers more interested, but the drawing were overall very neat and well done. Great job!

  13. Sunny Jin says:

    The course content was very straightforward and clearly explained. Good job! I also noticed that you alternated between talking about the course content with the article content. I would like more explanation/discussion on what the results of the study mean in relation to what we learned in class as well as the significance of the results, and take out some facts on course content to make time to focus on the article.

  14. Akhil Kulkarni says:

    Extremely well done video! Very engaging and informative throughout. I like the background and how you connected it to class issues but some of the background was excessive. The voiceover and production quality were great. Amazing video!

  15. Aruodo Nnanna says:

    First of all, thaaaank you for connecting your article back to concepts we’ve covered in class!! That made this topic so much easier to comprehend. I also love how straight forward the video is. Great quality as far as editing is concerned. Good job!

  16. David Osayi says:

    You guys did a great job of breaking this information down and making them all come together. The visuals were great and fairly simple to understand, and the connections to class made a lot of sense. In fact, I actually learned a few things due to the examples.

  17. Thy Nguyen says:

    I liked how the video still explained the phylogenetic tree and other topics even though we already went over it in class. It gave me a refresher to understand the rest of the content even more and clearly linked it back to the information we learned in class. I just wish the figure was a bit clearer but everything was great!

  18. Henry Crossley says:

    You had great visuals that were drawn out along with verbal explanations. You also did a great job at relating this material to the content we learned in class. You did a great job at explaining everything as well. The presentation was very easy to understand and follow.

  19. Anna Wang says:

    Great use of drawings to convey information and concepts! Even though the information was only briefly on the screen, I enjoyed the way you connected the article to in-class topics, and I thought your ideas were easy to follow.

  20. Nina John says:

    I appreciated your use of a whiteboard to portray the information because it made the video easier to follow. The connections to the module were clear; you covered topics such as phylogenetic trees, mutations and natural selection.

  21. Veronica Winkeljohn says:

    First off, I liked the fact that each group member drew different parts of the video — very impressive. Besides that, I think the video does an exceptional job reviewing a large amount of material and relating it to the article without it being too dense to understand. I also liked how the narration was exactly in line with the drawings. Lastly, the music in the background keeps the video light hearted, and the drawings were great and easy to understand as well.

  22. Alexandra Edwards says:

    You all did an amazing job explaining this topic. The connections made back to the course helped keep this relevant. It was nice to see you reiterated things we had already covered in class, as a refresher to the audience.

  23. Sarah Pearson says:

    The visuals in your video were great! A couple things I noted: the narrator didn’t need to talk as slow as the drawer, and the methods of the article could have been incorporated. Besides that, great job y’all! The video was interesting and very easy to follow. The green hair example was a nice little funny touch đŸ™‚

  24. Susan wang says:

    Great job! I like that you explained all the parts of the phylogenetic tree and how to interpret it. The information was clear and concise, and the art kept my attention. This was a great refresher of what we’ve already learned.

  25. Matthew Harris says:

    Really great work here! Video had good information on the chosen topic, drawings were good and intriguing, and you guys did an awesome job connecting the information and concepts to class material. On a personal note I would have liked to see the finished drawings maybe a second longer, but I understand the time constraint. Again, great job!

  26. Lily Torp says:

    I enjoyed how detailed this video was with the drawings and definitions. I think a little more discussion about the study would have made it even better, but overall good job explaining the phylogentic tree and the evolution of the jaw anatomy!

  27. Aaqila Faizer says:

    I think your video did a great job making sure the viewer is familiar with the background terms needed to understand the accompanying study. I also appreciated the clear drawings and handwriting.

  28. Allison Jara says:

    Great job connecting your topic to what we’ve learned this semester! Your explanation of the visuals really helped my understanding of the topic and made it easy to follow along. Also, the handwriting for the visuals was very neat and easy to read.

  29. Joviane Leandre says:

    Great video! I think you did a great job explaining the concepts and the diagrams were very easy to follow and understand.

  30. Justin Rowe says:

    Awesome, easy to follow video that presented relevant information without being overly pedantic and linked it very thoroughly back to topics we learned in class. Great job!

  31. Katerina Shalikashvili says:

    I love how you guys drew out illustrations to help the audience understand what you were talking about! It also made it more interesting.

  32. Isabella Savell says:

    Great way to tie in our study of phylogenetic trees! The timing of the vocals and the drawings was very well coordinated. Overall great video.

  33. Stacy Aragon says:

    This video was so well made and put together. The pacing of the video was easy to follow, and the concepts were thoroughly explained for a wide variety of audiences. I would have liked to hear more about the scientific article though, but great job!

  34. Audris Jones says:

    This video was very informative and I love the way you used the whiteboard as a source to make the information easier to understand for the viewer. The topics that we went over in class were very well explained.

  35. Neha Bhatia says:

    This was a great overview of the material we covered in evolution! The information was clear, and the video was easy to follow and kept me engaged.

  36. Marteisha Danielle Griffin says:

    The topic was very easy to follow in your video. I love the use of drawing and pictures. The definitions were clearly defined! Editing is great, and I can hear all of your voices clearly.

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