F18-9 Microbes to Blame for Raising Global Temperatures

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21 Responses to F18-9 Microbes to Blame for Raising Global Temperatures

  1. Justin Rowe says:

    Good quality audio and the speakers were easy to follow/understand. However, there were many different complex graphics and there often wasn’t much indication to where I was supposed to be looking on them

  2. Ashley Salen says:

    Transition from different images and graphs helped explain video topics, though some images became repetitive. Class topics such as carbon cycle and evolutionary history of the earth were well explained. Results of study were clearly expressed.

  3. Chloe Pryor says:

    Really nice video. I liked the explanation of carbon dioxide levels in general and the pictures you used. You also did a good job of talking to the audience and connecting to real possible changes.

  4. Jessica Winkler says:

    I like how you explained the carbon cycle in the first minute of the video. I wish you would of either explained your images more or used simpler images because it was just confusing to listen to it being explained in simple terms but then I’m looking at a complex graph.

  5. Vivien Ly says:

    Clear audio and sound quality, explanations were clear and easy to understand, good use of relevant graphics that flowed together for the whole video. I like how you went back in history to present time to explain the changes over time and connect it to everyday life.

  6. Dorothy Lubin says:

    Nice use of visuals in this video. Though the video could use better transitions and application of our class material.

  7. Molly Niepoky says:

    Your video and audio were very clear and easy to follow. I think if you used more dynamic images or showed areas you were talking about in certain diagrams it would have been easier to follow since the diagrams were fairly complicated. Good job overall!

  8. Julia Bartlewski says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I thought it was creative, and I topics from class were explained thoroughly. I enjoyed the graphics and thought they were explained well.

  9. Aruodo Nnanna says:

    I loved how clear the audio was! The concepts were well explained. I will say, the video could have been a bit more engaging. Also, the graphs included had great information, but it would have been helpful if y’all indicated what section of your graphs you were referring to throughout the video since some of them were rather busy.

  10. Anastasia Pavlyuk says:

    The audio was a little bit low quality. Although I liked the use of humor in parts of the video, some of the figures were too complex and I didn’t understand them. Overall, good job!

  11. Anna Wang says:

    Your presentation of concepts and inclusion background information (in-class topics) made the video extremely easy to follow. Although you reused some images, the animation’s timing coincided with the voiceover and kept me engaged throughout your explanations.

  12. Susan wang says:

    You guys did a great job! The explanations were great and clear. The visuals and introduction were interesting! it would have been good to specifically referenced some of the graphs on the screen.

  13. Lily Torp says:

    Your video was presented well, and emphasized the important parts of this study in a good format. Also the graphics were good, I think the only thing that could have been better are the transitions between topics, but otherwise good job!

  14. Matthew Harris says:

    Information was well conveyed. Figures were misleading, I didn’t know where to look at times with some figures not rendering very well. Transitions were choppy, maybe replace the blank screens with some animations or something to keep your viewer engaged. Overall very informative

  15. Joviane Leandre says:

    Great audio, it was very easy to hear and follow. You explained the material fairly well and had many diagrams to support. Some better explanations of the diagrams would have been nice since some were very complicated and so it was hard to understand what their importance was.

  16. Michael Brimer says:

    Great job on the video! Interesting to hear how the microbe respiration can increase the global temperatures. This is definitely a problem that our generation can look to solve and a very intriguing topic to look into.

  17. Victoria Winkeljohn says:

    I think that you explained a lot of information that related to our class; however, the video itself could have been more interactive/entertaining rather it just being a bunch of different pictures with black slides in between them!

  18. Neha Bhatia says:

    This is a great video! The visuals were interesting, but were at times a little complex; I would have liked to see them referenced/explained a little more to make it easier to follow. The explanations were thorough and clear. Great job!

  19. Audris Jones says:

    The explanation were great and very easy to understand. The graphics however made it complex to grasp the concept because of their complexity. I think the graphics should have been simpler to understand and it would have flowed better with the video.

  20. Stacy Aragon says:

    Good job! The graphs could have used a bit more of a breakdown in terms of how they displayed the results being discussed, but the content taken from the article was easy to follow and well explained.

  21. Marteisha Danielle Griffin says:

    I loved all the visuals, but I would have like to see some disparity. Overall, the topics were defined well enough. There are some points where there are blank slides where I think a smooth transition should have been included.

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