Group 12 – Child Weight Gain Trajectories Linked to Oral Microbiota Composition

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20 Responses to Group 12 – Child Weight Gain Trajectories Linked to Oral Microbiota Composition

  1. Tana Nguyen says:

    This was such an interesting topic! You guys did a great job on giving a detailed explanation! The information was very organized and easy to follow. I liked the analysis of the figures towards the end of the video- it was simplified and understandable. Also, I liked how you guys made a clear connection to the ecological notes.

  2. Jessica Winkler says:

    I really like how this video is set up. I also really like how there’s a video inside the video. I also like how y’all went explained the graph in terms that almost anyone could understand.

  3. Dorothy Lubin says:

    I like how the video was straight to the point. I had a hard time hearing the speakers.

  4. Elizabeth Blackmon says:

    This is such an interesting topic and I liked how the video was set up. The audio was difficult to understand at the beginning and the end, but the information from the study was fully explained in a easy to understand manner. The graphs were also interpreted at a good level of understanding. This video was very straightforward and easy to follow.

  5. Molly Niepoky says:

    I really liked how you guys organized the video with the “tutoring” idea in mind. I thought it was super creative and really interesting! Your explanations were very clear and I like how you laid out the information using the whiteboards. Great job!

  6. Julia Bartlewski says:

    I really enjoyed gaining a better understanding of this topic. I thought it was extremely interesting, and the information was presented in a clear manner that was easy to understand. I liked the edit of the video inside the video (so creative)!

  7. Jessica Meredith says:

    I loved the topic, and the video was creative. Everything was very easy to understand, and I liked how in depth the graphs were explained. However, the end of the video was difficult to hear, but the other editing was overall well done. I would have liked to see more connections to the biology modules, but the research was very well described. Great job!

  8. Anastasia Pavlyuk says:

    Although the audio was difficult to hear sometimes, you guys did a really good job explaining the topic. I also enjoyed the format of the video. It was simple and easy to follow. Overall, I feel like I learned a lot from your video!

  9. Matthew Manion says:

    I think it was interesting how you formatted the video to be like a presentation disguised as a tv scene. Also, pointing out how to read the graphs was really helpful in understanding the content, as they aren’t the easiest to read.

  10. Thy Nguyen says:

    I like the creativity of the video. The topic is interesting and I never thought the two would be linked. I enjoyed the explanations because I was able to learn a lot of new information! Not only did this link to the stuff we learned in class but this clicked for me with the stuff we were doing in lab!

  11. Henry Crossley says:

    This video was very unique. The way it was portrayed, a teacher tutoring a student, was very informative for all of us students watching. Since the student in the video did not seem to get the information, it gave the teacher more opportunities to explain it, which in turn increased my understanding. Very clever, and very good video.

  12. Veronica Winkeljohn says:

    I think the idea of this video -a video inside a video- is really creative. In addition, the video does a great job teaching the audience about the article. By talking about the goals, results, and even breaking down each graph, this video really broke the article down and made it easy to understand and learn about! The audio was a little hard to hear at some parts.

  13. Alexandra Edwards says:

    I enjoyed the concept of the video; the unique format makes it more engaging to your audience! Additionally, the flow of the video makes it clear to understand what you exactly plan to speak about. Overall this was a great watch and well done!

  14. Susan wang says:

    Great video! You explained the concepts of the paper and related it back to class well. The visuals and summaries written on the board were very helpful in helping me understand the study.

  15. Shelsea Escobar-Quintanilla says:

    The format of this video really caught my attention and interested me. I liked how there was a video inside a video and a “tutoring” session taking place. The information presented was easy to understand and I really liked the level of detail in which the graphs at the end were described as it made it easier to understand. Great job!

  16. Yeun Soo Lee says:

    Nice video! I really liked the setup of your video of listening to a lecture. It would have been even nicer if the diagrams were slightly bigger and the voice was a little louder but I really liked the contents!

  17. Katerina Shalikashvili says:

    The visuals were very helpful in this video. The concepts were also easy to follow because they were explained very well.

  18. Isabella Savell says:

    While the topic was explained in detail and given a solid foundation, I couldn’t hear a good portion of the script. Maybe increase the audio next time. Besides the sound quality, very creative. The video within a video is very original. It definitely caught my attention!

  19. Marteisha Danielle Griffin says:

    I like how you chose to be different and do an interview and teaching type discussion to relay to the audience on your overall point. The information was clear and precise. Wonderful job guys!

  20. Kameron Schofield says:

    Great Job Team! Thanks for working so well together!

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