Group 13 – Immune Response and Seropositivity, Age, Sex, Genetic Variation

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40 Responses to Group 13 – Immune Response and Seropositivity, Age, Sex, Genetic Variation

  1. Tamia Jones says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this video, I though the graphics was great. I really feel like I have a good understanding of the study. Maybe to expand a little bit further, you can explain exactly what some of the diseases were (as in what are causes or effects) in the video. Overall wonderful job!

  2. Brooke Mckenzie says:

    The graphics were very clean cut and appealing to watch. You guys explained each topic very well for the viewer to understand your topic. The questions periodically asked were great at sectioning the video. Well done!

  3. Jessica Winkler says:

    I like how your images were very relevant to what was being said. I also like the question and answer format of this video. It kept me engaged. Also good job explaining every topic. It was easier to understand because I could also read what was being said.

  4. Jaynie Rice says:

    I loved the layout of this video! The graphics were very clean and easy to follow. Y’all did a great job of explaining the ideas of the paper and representing them through pictures. I like how y’all proposed a question then answered it, it kept the audience engaged.

  5. Elizabeth Blackmon says:

    The presentation software was crisp and very easy to follow. The images made the presentation more entertaining. The graph could have been more thoroughly explained; however, the rest of the information was presented at a good level of understanding.

  6. Molly Niepoky says:

    I thought this video was really well done! I loved how clean and clear the graphics were and thought that they did a great job of explaining all of the topics. It was nice to be able to read the information as well as hearing it and you did a great job breaking down a topic we hadn’t learned much about in class. Good job!

  7. Jessica Meredith says:

    The research was explained well and was fairly easy to understand. I liked that the video did not go at a very fast pace, but there was a lot of silence that could have been filled with more in depth explanations. I would have liked to see the graph for more than a second, and it would have been easier to understand if the graph was shown during its explanation. The visuals were simple and supported the video. Good job!

  8. Sunny Jin says:

    The questions that separated each part of the video were very relevant and helpful in breaking down the information. I also liked the graphics that you used in the video. I would like to hear more explanation of serostatus. Explain serological marker more?

  9. Aruodo Nnanna says:

    Good job with the editing. It made this video so engaging and fun to watch. Y’all were very detailed when explaining essential concepts. It made this information really easy to digest. Great work overall!

  10. David Osayi says:

    The graphics were stunning and nice to look at. The Q&A format made it very easy to follow the content and connect the dots. Although the animation style got repetitive; this was still a nicely done presentation.

  11. Anastasia Pavlyuk says:

    I liked how understandable and accessible your video was. The explanation were clear and were well suited to the audience. I liked how the subtitles were relevant to what you were speaking about.

  12. Matthew Manion says:

    You did a good job of addressing all the information and defining any complex term that was important for understanding the concepts. Also, the graphics were helpful in focusing my attention and visualizing what you were trying to tell me.

  13. Thy Nguyen says:

    The layout of the video was clean and very clear. The captions were also very helpful for following along with the video. Very nice graphics and each part of the topic was clearly broken down and explained well.

  14. Henry Crossley says:

    The visuals were great and very much helped to understand the content. I enjoyed the use of rhetorical questioning and answering. It helped to keep me engaged. This was a great video, especially when considering the content had not been covered in class yet.

  15. Nina John says:

    The animations and graphics were clean and easy to follow! It made the information easier to follow. You did a good job connecting the information to the module and condensing it which made it easier to learn. I liked the question format of this video as well.

  16. Anna Wang says:

    Although, at times, there was a lot of on-screen text, the animations were smooth, engaging, and helped facilitate understanding of the article concepts. The questions to guide coverage of the article promoted organization of ideas, and your explanations were thorough. Good job!

  17. Veronica Winkeljohn says:

    The graphics/animations of this video were very visually appealing and clean. I think you did a good job introducing the experiment and discussing the article. I also liked how you would ask questions that viewer may have throughout the video, and then answer them in detail. Overall, I think the video described a topic we haven’t talked much about in class very well. Good job!

  18. Alexandra Edwards says:

    This video was very nice. I liked the choice of how you presented your material. You were able to follow through with a complete understanding of the topic from start to finish. I was kept engaged throughout because of your visuals and stylistic flow.

  19. Sarah Pearson says:

    Good job y’all! The visuals made this video engaging and fun to watch. I didn’t get lost anywhere along the way. One thing I noticed is there were a lot of words on almost every slide. There isn’t enough time to read them all, so maybe paraphrasing some things would have made this better.
    Overall, y’all did great!

  20. Tana Nguyen says:

    The editing and transitions for this video was very smooth and organized! I love how you guys broke down all of the information in an organized manner. However, I would have liked for the video to have more graphics to keep me engaged, but you guys did a great job overall.

  21. Susan wang says:

    Great video! The animations were great and fun. The voice over was also great because everyone sounded excited to learn about the topic. You covered the topic of the study well because everything was broken down into easy to understand bits.

  22. Shelsea Escobar-Quintanilla says:

    The animations in this video made it very fun and interesting to watch. It was easy to follow along throughout the entire, however one thing that could potentially be fixed is writing summaries so the slides don’t look to crowded when you write out full sentences. Other than that, great video!

  23. Lily Torp says:

    I enjoyed the transitions to introduce each question/topic related to the study, as it really helped me to follow along and understand. I also liked the visuals and how you gave background information the beginning and a solid conclusion at the end.

  24. Matthew Harris says:

    Good information and connection to article. However, maybe only display text in a summarized manner, focusing on critical pieces of info as opposed to displaying the entire script on each topic, it caused the video to be a tad distracting. Overall good product.

  25. Aaqila Faizer says:

    The animations within the video were very engaging. The speakers were clear and concise and the specific segments within the video were helpful in organizing the topics discussed. However it would have been helpful to give more screen time and an explanation for the graphs shown. Overall great job!

  26. Ashley Salen says:

    Very good video presentation and coverage of the subject matter, music also added a nice touch by keeping audience engaged in video between transitions. Video flowed really well, and graphics combined with audio were very effective.

  27. Allison Jara says:

    Great job organizing the video in a way that made it easy to follow along. The questions asked throughout allowed for an easier understanding of the key concepts, and the animations were entertaining and enjoyable.

  28. Justin Rowe says:

    I liked all your graphics but I felt they weren’t always synced up with the speed at which you talked, which made the video hard to follow. The background track was bumping though

  29. Joviane Leandre says:

    Really good video! The concepts were very well explained and broken down in a way that made it easier to understand. I really liked the graphics and the visuals as well.

  30. Akhil Kulkarni says:

    Good explanation of seropositivity, I had no idea what it was going in. The background music detracted from the video at parts, but overall you did a good job.

    • Akhil Kulkarni says:

      Edit: I had no idea what was going on in the title until you broke it down**

      There’s a typo in my original comment that cuts that sentence in half.

  31. Yeun Soo Lee says:

    Very informative video! The video really looked like those vieos made by professional education video makers. Nice job explaining all the information that are fairly new to most of us.

  32. Michael Brimer says:

    Graphics matched up very well with the information given. The proposed questions made the purpose of the video easy to identify and helped me understand what to take away from each of sections.

  33. Katerina Shalikashvili says:

    The graphics in this video are very impressive! The only thing I would say is to maybe put less words on each slide. Well done guys!

  34. Victoria Winkeljohn says:

    Everything mentioned was relevant, but I feel like at points, you could have made the visuals less wordy. However, the visuals used were relevant and very good!

  35. Isabella Savell says:

    This was my video, but there are only two topics in this section. I reviewed another video to complete the requirement of 8 reviews.
    However, I really enjoyed working on this video. The topic required a lot of background researh but was very interesting in the end to present in only 5 minutes.

  36. Neha Bhatia says:

    The animations on the video were dynamic and easy to follow. The words on the screen were overwhelming at times, but the video was thorough and explained a complex topic well. Great job!

  37. Audris Jones says:

    I loved your video. The question and answer format gave a very clear understanding of your topic. The video was very easy to understand and the explanations along with the animations were very informative.

  38. Stacy Aragon says:

    Great use of video editing tools! The video was seamless and easy to watch. It was also super professional and easy to follow. The concepts were well presented and explained. Good job!

  39. Marteisha Danielle Griffin says:

    The animations you used clearly made a huge difference in the message of your topic. I loved how well they flowed together. Good job on everything guys!

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