F18-5. GT TV: “Climate change and amphibian diversity in Eastern South America”


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25 Responses to F18-5. GT TV: “Climate change and amphibian diversity in Eastern South America”

  1. Ashley Salen says:

    Video introduced in unique and professional way that made information flow well and easy to understand. Multiple images, maps, and graphs displayed which created a good contrast from the “news room.” Connection to topics learned in class was not as clear.

  2. Justin Rowe says:

    Your information presented was very clear and supported itself (everything you said had a purpose). I’m also impressed you managed to get TWO doctors onto your show. Nice job!

  3. Tana Nguyen says:

    I loved this news/podcast style video! The information presented was very organized and easy to follow. I liked how simplified the explanations were when talking about the important figures from the article and also the importance of conservation. I was kept engaged with the multiple images presented on certain transitions. It was great that you guys used the image at 1:07 that we also used in class!

  4. Brooke Mckenzie says:

    The podcast/talk show idea was great and very original. The graphics went perfectly with the video and kept the video from being all talk which was great! The explanation of the alpha and beta diversity graphs were great and helped me understand the topic. YOu all played great characters!

  5. Jessica Winkler says:

    I enjoyed how you used images outside of the images from the article during the video. I also enjoyed how you made it like a new episode and then invited “creditable” guests to explain things.

  6. Vivien Ly says:

    The news report style was very professional and engaging. The graphs were explained well and in a manner easy to understand. I like how possible outcomes for the future were proposed which is relevant to everyday life in terms of conservation efforts.

  7. Dorothy Lubin says:

    Unique style of video! I like how the graphs shown were explained in detail and the content was clear to follow. It was so realistic that it almost seemed like an actual broadcast.

  8. Jaynie Rice says:

    Loved the idea of this video, very interesting topic and good explanations. All the graphs and pictures are placed well and had good explanations. Seems well rehearsed and like y’all put a lot of effort into the video. Good job!

  9. Molly Niepoky says:

    Your idea was very creative and entertaining to watch! You also did a great job explaining the information in a clear and concise way great job!

  10. Julia Bartlewski says:

    The news report style was engaging and so creative. Information was clear and easy to follow. The graphs were explained well. Good Job!

  11. David Osayi says:

    The round table news report set-up was unique and relaxing. The explaining of the graphs were paced in such a way that is was easy to understand the material and make a connection. The discussion/extrapolation to future odds and circumstances was also a nice tidbit.

  12. Thy Nguyen says:

    I liked how the set up was like a newsroom. I also liked the fact that I was able to recognize the biome chart from class. The content was easily relatable back to the information from class and everything was explained very well.

  13. Henry Crossley says:

    I loved how the video was set up to be a news segment where two scientists were interviewed. This made it an enjoyable video to watch. The usage of the graphics on screen provided a nice visual and split up the interview a little bit which was informative and engaging. I liked this presentation a lot.

  14. Nina John says:

    I enjoyed the news program format of the video; it made the content more engaging. Connections to the module were evident. The graphs used were relevant and interesting. Nice work!

  15. Anna Wang says:

    Your video used the news reporting style well to convey information and incorporate figures from class and the article. The explanations were simple, but summarized ideas efficiently and comprehensively, while maintaining relevance to ongoing concerns about climate change.

  16. Alexandra Edwards says:

    I really loved this video. The topic was explained clearly and concisely as to make it easy for the audience to understand your explanations. The visuals were not overwhelming and added a nice touch that makes this video aesthetically pleasing.

  17. Sarah Pearson says:

    Loved the news style! I think this was a very creative way to go about presenting a tough topic. Overall, great job guys!

  18. Matthew Manion says:

    I thought it was a good idea to present the information in a way that mimics how topics like climate change are discussed in a public forum. The quality of the video was great and the explanations all made sense.

  19. Matthew Harris says:

    Good theme with the news anchor approach. I appreciated the figures and graphs accompanied with the voice overs from the “interviews”. Would have liked to see a tad bit more connection to topics in class but I like the amount of content here. Great job!

  20. Aaqila Faizer says:

    “GTTV” was a creative and engaging way to showcase your topic. Everyone in the video spoke clearly and was understandable. The addition of images was also a nice touch. Great job!

  21. Allison Jara says:

    Great job going in depth about the topic and using visuals to back the information that you were presenting. Also, I like how you guys took a creative approach by setting it up like an interview, it made the video entertaining to watch.

  22. Yeun Soo Lee says:

    I really liked the style of the video! The news reporting style made the video more interesting and easier for me to understand the topic. Good job!

  23. Audris Jones says:

    I love the talk show idea. The way you explained your information was very easy to understand and the graphics were also helpful when trying to understand the information.

  24. Neha Bhatia says:

    The news reporting style was creative and a great touch. The topic was explained clearly and connected well to the module. Great job!

  25. Marteisha Danielle Griffin says:

    You guys really explained a lot on climate change that I didn’t know. I liked how you did your video in a televised format. Your conversations were very fluid and comfortable. The use of the snowball was smart, because your voices are very clear and loud.

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