F19: Group 14 Intracellular Nutritional Symbionts of Placozoans

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41 Responses to F19: Group 14 Intracellular Nutritional Symbionts of Placozoans

  1. Jamie Madigan says:

    Some of the writing on the pictures was hard to see in the video. Overall the video helped to break down a very complicated concept into something easier to understand.

  2. Vishva Natarajan says:

    I feel the topic was presented in a visually engaging way. The music was too loud in my opinion and was distracting to the viewer trying to comprehend a complex topic.

  3. Thanh Long Nguyen says:

    The video was very good at simplifying the complicated research. However, I do want to say that the background music is somewhat louder than it would be comfortable for me.

  4. Hollyn Tao says:

    You guys did a great job with connecting the research study to what we have learned in class and using the figures to your advantage, but the audio quality was inconsistent between speakers.

  5. Maddie Meer says:

    The video did a nice job of presenting the information in a clear way. However, it seemed to move somewhat slowly making it difficult to stay focused.

  6. Mehak Sahney says:

    The video was very informational and organized. I loved the detailed pictures and how you guys related them to the concepts we did in class. Although the pictures looked intimating, you guys did an awesome job simplifying them in a way that is easy to understand.

  7. Anh Vu-Ana says:

    I like how the video used many examples to explain your overall topic. There was very clear information given, and I understood it easily. It was easy to understand and enjoyable to watch, however the audio quality could be improved. The video quality was done well, but the speaker transitions could have been smoother. The background music was cute, but distracts the viewer from the audio.

  8. Richard Wong says:

    The animations were great and the examples of the video was extremely helpful in understanding the topic/ concept as a whole. The transition between pictures were smooth and clear. Although the music drowned out some of the narration, it was still comprehensible and there wasn’t any point where I did not understand the topics.

  9. Kyle Pierre says:

    The music, pictures, and transitions kept me engaged through the entire video. The figure in the video seemed quite daunting at first glance, but the way you guys broke them down and explained them made it quite easy to understand. Nice video!

  10. Zizi Ohamadike says:

    The video contains an appropriate amount of information. The animations and pictures make the video engaging. The music was also very engaging; however, at some parts, it distracted me from fully comprehending the narration. However, overall the video was very informative. Good job!

  11. Zoe Kim says:

    The animations and the information kept me engaged. However, the inconsistency of the voiceover qualities made it difficult to listen to. The music choice was also extremely distracting. However, I really enjoyed your explanations because it simplified the topic and made it more understandable.

  12. Sierra Fritz says:

    The video helped to breakdown this complex topic and the visual additives kept me engaged in the video. I think the background music was a little loud to understand the audio at sometimes, but the visual helped to keep the flow of the presentation.

  13. Samantha Rice says:

    I really liked the visuals used in the video. The music was cool, but it was a little loud in comparison to the narrative. I think if the music volume was turned down and the narration volume was louder, the video would be much more effective. I do think that this group did a really great job at explaining such a complex subject!

  14. Kylie Semper says:

    The pictures did a great job of keeping my attention, however at times the music was a little too loud and therefore distracting.

  15. Aleena Chaudhry says:

    This video was highly engaging. Very good job done with using the graphs to your advantage! I was able to understand this complex topic due to the straightforward explanations. Although the music was a little distracting, great job overall!

  16. Ha Jin Kim says:

    With visual representation and detailed explanation, I was able to easily understand the research. Only thing I noticed while watching the video was the inconsistent audio/music quality.

  17. Sacha Pamphile says:

    The background music might have been too loud to fully here the information being presented. However, the images portrayed gave me a sense of the topic being explained. The video was very engaging and detailed. I also liked how the research explained could be related to topics learned from class. Overall, great job on the video.

  18. Maya Davis says:

    I think you guys did a really good job of making a hard topic easy to explain. The visuals were also very helpful and made things clearer. However, I think the background music was a bit too loud and at times drowned out the narration. Even though the music could be distracting I think you presented the information well.

  19. Erica Pareizs says:

    The information and explanation were good, but the audio was harsh at times and the background music was distracting.

  20. Tuyet Anh Nguyen says:

    The video was really well made! However, I feel that the background music was a tad too loud since I had trouble listening to the narration. But other than that, you guys used really nice visuals and explained the content well and clear. Good job!

  21. Hannah Snyder says:

    I think the information was very interesting and that it was explained very well. There were some audio difficulties but they weren’t the worst and didn’t take away that much from the video. Overall I thought it was pretty engaging.

  22. Enye Lee says:

    I think some words in conjunction to the images would have been helpful for the audience to understand the narrator. The video was engaging and tackled a topic that is difficult for the general audience to understand. I think that the video was very informative and consistently relevant. The background music could have been lower in volume as it was distracting at some points.

  23. Basma Hamid says:

    This topic is pretty complicated and I think you guys did a really good job of explaining it! I know some are saying the music was too loud, however, I really liked it. The visuals and the transitions made the video really engaging, and the narration was really clear. Good job!

  24. Michael Nguyen says:

    You guys did a great job breaking down the topic to understandable pieces. However, the pacing seemed a bit slow but it just may be the thing people need to grasp difficult topics.

  25. Sydney Prusak says:

    I enjoyed the detailed pictures and flowcharts. I also enjoyed that there was not text used during the video. I think that the audio could have been slightly clearer to enhance the overall quality of the video. Great job!

  26. Alixandra Teschner says:

    The images were very interesting and engaging and were helpful when trying to understand the topic. However, some could be a little distracting, along with the music. Overall it was very good.

  27. Andrew Hood says:

    The sound was inconsistent between speakers, as others have said. The video was informative and the pictures used on screen definitely helped boil down the complex cycles discussed. Some of the writing was hard to see, as others have noted above. Good job!

  28. Sydney Prusak says:

    I enjoyed the detailed pictures and flowcharts. I also enjoyed that there was not text used during the video. I think that the audio could have been slightly clearer to enhance the overall quality of the video. Specifically, I enjoyed the connections that this topic has to so many practical fields such as genetics and ecology. Great job!

  29. Madeline Tapp says:

    The video was extremely informative and did a good job of using graphs and images to help explain the narration. The narration was inconsistent in clarity which was somewhat distracting, but overall it was clear and easy to understand. The assigned topic was clearly confusing, but the video did a good job of simplifying it and explaining it overall. Good work!

  30. Elijah Grindle says:

    The content was there but it does not feel like a cohesive presentation of the material. The music definitely was distracting from the material but the figures helped portray what the speaker was saying. Overall the video was good but could have flowed better and difficult terms could have been explained better.

  31. Vivi Tran says:

    Great job on the video! It was super informative, and I liked the visuals! However, the background music was distracting at times and made it difficult to hear the information. You guys did an amazing job explaining a difficult topic!

  32. Michael Sketel says:

    I very much enjoyed watching your video! Your presentation was very unique, and I found the content to be very intriguing. I did think that the volume of the background music could have been lowered a bit and that some images could have been formatted more clearly. Overall, your video was great!

  33. Andrianna Mancil says:

    Although the music in the background overpowered the speakers, I still think that this is a very well-made video. The transitions and explanations are thorough and comprehendible. Maybe next time try using less detailed images so that it is a less overwhelming.

  34. Celine Akande says:

    I think you guys did well with the explanations and selecting images that were vital to our understanding. The background music was a bit distracting, but I would still call this a job well done.

  35. Perpetual Nketsiah says:

    The graphics were nice and so were the transitions from one point to the next, however, the audio should have lower in volume so that the viewer could hear what was being said more clearly. All in all, the video did a nice job of presenting the information in the research in a more concise, simple manner.

  36. Andrianna Mancil says:

    New Comment: The music in the beginning and throughout the video drowned out the speakers at time, so next time work on the different audio levels. Also, the images used are at times too detailed to fully understand during the video. Is G. Incantan the only one that is able to synthesize ATP on its own?

  37. Caroline Rigsbee says:

    Some of the pictures are hard to see and have very small or grainy fonts, however the content of the graphics and images were great and really added to the overall message of the video. The concepts were explained well and in thorough detail. I wish that the music was a little quieter and the voiceover was a little louder or clearer to better absorb the information.

  38. Kylie Semper says:

    This topic is very complicated and you did a good job with trying to simplify it. Including the pictures with explanations is what helped me understand your video the most. I would recommend lowering the background volume so that the viewer can focus more on your explanations.

  39. Hannah Shin says:

    I loved all the visuals you included in your video! The explanations were detailed and I was able to understand the research. Although the animations were smooth and the information was clear, the music in the background did overpower the commentary. The audio quality was also slightly inconsistent between narrators. Otherwise, great job!

  40. Jayden Kimbro says:

    I like how you spent a good amount of time talking about the research and the actual concept while incorporating the content we’ve talked about in class as well. I also like how there were practically just images and no text, which really allowed me to engage more with the video.

  41. Oluwatosin Sogbesan says:

    I absolutely love you visuals and I can tell you put in a lot of effort into this video as far as production and transitions go. I did think however, the music was a bit loud for the video but that aside, great job!

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