F19-10 Habitat Loss and Community Stability


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16 Responses to F19-10 Habitat Loss and Community Stability

  1. Nimra Khan says:

    The video did a good job of connecting back to concepts that the audience is familiar with. However, it did go a little fast between the speakers.

  2. Salena Le says:

    I really enjoyed the content of the video. It gave me a crash course vibe. However, I do think that there should be more images to help others understand more on the topic. Also, there was barely any eye contact with the camera. I would suggest to remember a few lines and look at the camera more.

  3. Sierra Fritz says:

    I loved how the beginning of the video used just a quick hook to engage the audience and get them interested in the topic. I do think there could have been more animations, diagrams, or pictures to keep the audience’s interest during the duration of the video.

  4. Sierra Fritz says:

    The video was well laid out, but it could have used more diagrams, pictures, or animations to enhance the effect on the audience. The transitions between the segments were well executed. Good job.

  5. Kylie Semper says:

    I enjoy how enthusiastic the speaker is. The visuals are good, however more graphs and diagrams could be used. Later in the video, she could have used more visuals to support what she was reading.

  6. Aleena Chaudhry says:

    I really enjoyed the format of this video! I thought that the transitions between graphs were a bit rushed; however, the content was greatly explained. Job well done with making relevant connections!

  7. Akshat Patel says:

    I suggest memorizing the lines and look at the camera more instead of reading off and not looking at the camera at all. More visuals (graphs and charts) would have also helped convey the information in the video. The content in the video was good and the video did a good job in making the topic relevant.

  8. Tuyet Anh Nguyen says:

    The video did a great job explaining habitat loss and community stability. The speakers were very clear in their explanation and narration. However, I think that making eye contact with the camera is very important since it can help engage the audience, so I recommend possibly memorizing the lines or maybe doing a voiceover. But other than that, I thought the video was pretty good!

  9. Michelle Han says:

    It was clear to notice that every one of you guys was reading off from the script but It would have been better if you all are looking at the camera at least several times. I also hoped there will be more visual representations such as graphs, charts, and images, which could help the audience to remember more visibly what they learned from the video. The extent of the information was right enough to understand the material of this video. Nice job!

  10. Michael Nguyen says:

    The video was very informative and clear in explanation. However, like others have said, there seems to be a lack of visuals, eye contact, and background music that would have made the video more engaging, more interesting perhaps. It feels as if you are staring at someone else and educating them instead of me.

  11. Eva Salmon says:

    The video was pretty good overall but I think it would have been better if you added some more pictures and animations. You did a good job explaining everything and what is going on with the habitat loss, but it was a little difficult to follow since there were not really any pictures.

  12. Michael Nguyen says:

    The video is great in that it explains everything clearly and in enough detail. But it is missing an engaging factor in the form of visuals and eye contact. Also, the way each person reads their lines/parts feels different. While this may be a good thing for others, it feels bumpy instead of a fluid mood or feeling during the video. It goes from casual to lecture to excited casual.

  13. Vivi Tran says:

    I really like how informative your video was! I also like how you guys included excerpts of important definitions because it really helped me understand the information presented in the video. However, I feel like more direct eye contact would have made the video more engaging.

  14. Andrianna Mancil says:

    This video is very interesting. The audio is clear and the way the information is presented is very unique. The members seem very knowledgeable about the content. Maybe choose graphics with less detail so they are easier to see next time.

  15. Saulye Nichols says:

    This video was so unique and I loved how you guys were actually in it! The definitions that popped up when you guys were explaining them was very helpful and they also connected back to what we learned in class. Good job!

  16. Ariz Jebien Sayson says:

    I like the report-style format of the video. The information was well delivered and thoroughly explained. Though, more images/visual aid could have been added to help engage the audience more to the topic. Overall, a great job!

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