F19-11 Human diet and tropical habitat loss

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  1. Jamie Madigan says:

    I think the use of images helps to explain your topic very well, and makes the video visually interesting. The animations are awesome!

  2. Vishva Natarajan says:

    I was surprised to learn the large effect meat and dairy consumption can have on the environment. Specifically, I was surprised to learn 30% of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the human diet. I think the video could have been made more engaging if background music was included. I think the images and animations were engaging.

  3. Hollyn Tao says:

    I really like how you all used the animations in the video. It really helps the viewer understand the topic. How would agricultural land be decreased by reducing animal consumption and increasing plant-based consumption?

  4. Maddie Meer says:

    This video was very easy to follow. The information was presented in a clear and well-organized manner and the animations kept the video very engaging.

  5. Anh Vu says:

    The video managed to keep my attention as a viewer, because it was simple and compact. I liked how there were illustrations that depicted the facts and statements you made in the video, but the fact that 35% of all land on earth is currently being used to grow food astonishes me! To better maintain the audience’s attention, the addition of background music would serve this video well!

  6. Ha Jin Kim says:

    The video was well-organized and concise. I loved the visual representation; it grabbed my attention and helped me understand the material.

  7. Anh Vu-Ana says:

    The video managed to keep my attention as a viewer, because it was simple and compact. I liked how there were illustrations that depicted the facts and statements you made in the video, but the fact that 35% of all land on earth is currently being used to grow food astonishes me! To better maintain the audience’s attention, the addition of background music would serve this video well!

    (Sorry for the repeats!)

  8. Richard Wong says:

    The animations were very unique to the video, and the transition were very clear and smooth. The audio was consistent throughout the the video and conveyed the information from the paper in very simple terms that really enhances my understanding of the topic. Overall, the video was a great representation of the topic and really got me to reflect on my own diet.

  9. Kyle Pierre says:

    The animations and narrator enthusiasm were excellent. This video did a very good job at showing the real world impact, telling us that we need to have a sense of urgency in terms of preventing habitat loss. The connections to course content were also solid, outstanding video!

  10. Zizi Ohamadike says:

    The animations and narration are very engaging. I really liked that you provided solid context information and evidence about your study. I also liked how you clearly made the connection between human consumption and habitat loss and then how you specifically tied habitat loss to human diet. Good job!

  11. Zoe Kim says:

    I loved the simplicity of the video, it kept me engaged. It did a great job using statistics as well. However, the changes in audio quality made it hard to focus on what was being said.

  12. Leah Tuck says:

    I think that the use of a white background with the colorful animations was a great way to provide the information in a clear way while keeping the audience engaged. The video did a great job of explaining how this issue will affect us in the future and ways that change can be made.

  13. Samantha Rice says:

    I think this is a great video. All of the graphics were really engaging and organized, and the video as a whole paralleled with the narrative in a very effective way. The group members did a great job at relating this to the real world. Some of the narration was a little hard to hear, but other then that this group did a really great job!

  14. Kylie Semper says:

    I like how the introduction pointed out the topics that would be addressed in the video. Using a powtoon was a great way to present the material. Anyone who watches this video would be able to understand the main points of the article you presented on.

  15. Nimra Khan says:

    The animations and transitions were great and followed in an organized way throughout the video. Many of the topics discussed in the video were new and things I had never heard before! Background music would make the video a bit more engaging but nicely done overall!

  16. Sacha Pamphile says:

    I enjoyed the animation and images presented. The video is very clear and informative as it provides key information regarding the effect of greenhouse gases on biodiversity and bio-climate range. I also found interesting that our dietary habits can negatively impact biodiversity and the endangerment of species. With that said, this video was engaging and explanatory.

  17. Maya Davis says:

    I really enjoyed your animations. They were fun and lively and really engaged the viewer. I also thought your explanations were easy to follow. The narration audio though was kinda inconsistent, as at times it would be clear and at times it would be fuzzy. I think if you just tweaked your audio you would have a really, really good video.

  18. Alixandra Teschner says:

    The animations were super engaging and creative. I was interested throughout the entire video and very impressed. The voice over was easy to understand and I was able to follow along. I definitely learned a lot while watching.

  19. Eva Salmon says:

    I really liked this video. I learned a lot of new things about how the production and consumption of meat and dairy affect the climate that I did not know before. Your animations were really good and easy to follow along with, and you did a good job explaining everything as the video went along.

  20. Madeline Tapp says:

    The animation was a super cool idea and worked really well to make the video engaging and to help explain the concepts in the video! The narration was a different qualities at different parts, but everyone still spoke clearly and it was not difficult to understand what was going on. Overall, the video was engaging and I would say effective in communicating current positions regarding climate change.

  21. Erica Pareizs says:

    You explained this topic very well and brought awareness to a topic I know little about with clarity. I thought the animations were a great addition and although the audio was fuzzy at times, I still could understand everything and that is what is important.

  22. Andrianna Mancil says:

    I thought the graphics and images really worked well in the presentation. Although there were a few jumps in the audio, the overall video displayed a deeper knowledge of the content (habitat lost and food).

  23. Perpetual Nketsiah says:

    I liked the video quality and the smooth transitions from one point to the next. The audio quality was great as well, and overall, I was able to stay focused on the entire video as a result.

  24. Celine Akande says:

    This video is packed with quality information and statistics, but was still intriguing and easy to follow along with. The topic is pertinent to our time and I think the article was well-covered. Good job.

  25. Hannah Shin says:

    I really loved the format of your video! The animations and visuals were very well presented and organized. The effort put into your project to produce the final product is clearly evident. I stayed engaged with the material and especially liked that you sectioned your topic into 3 parts in your introduction. Excellent job!

  26. Andrianna Mancil says:

    New Comment: Is waste and climate change such a significant problem that we should stop consuming animal products? This is a very cool video due to the visual effects. The jumps in the audio are a little weird, but over this is a very good video.

  27. Saulye Nichols says:

    The animation and visuals were awesome and made the video very engaging! You guys did a great job connecting this topic to real world issues. The transitions between scenes were also executed very nicely. Nice video!

  28. Ariz Jebien Sayson says:

    The animations were utilized perfectly in context with the topic at hand. This was a very interesting video as it is an ongoing problem present in our time, as well as our near future. Overall, the information was well delivered and I enjoyed watching this video. Good job!

  29. Oluwatosin Sogbesan says:

    Your visualizations are very easy to understand. I think this topic is very interesting and how you explained it with the electronic visualizations was unique. You made it clear that this issue effects all of us today. Good Job!

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