F19-12 Genetics of Anorexia Nervosa

A quick look at a recent study outlining a proposed shift from anorexia nervosa being viewed as a psychological disease to a metabo-psychological disease!

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50 Responses to F19-12 Genetics of Anorexia Nervosa

  1. Basma Hamid says:

    This is a very interesting video and you guys did a really good job of explaining everything; up until now, I always thought anorexia was mainly psychological, I didn’t really correlate it to genetics at all. Very well done!

  2. Jamie Madigan says:

    You did a great job in covering such a serious topic in a creative and interesting way. The art for the video was very nice and easy to understand.

  3. Vishva Natarajan says:

    I think the explanations of the method, discussion, and results of the study were clear, though not quite easy to understand. This is probably due to the complexity of the topic. Perhaps it could have been simplified further. I think quiet background music would have enhanced delivery.

  4. Thanh Long Nguyen says:

    I think that the video did a great job of explaining the research with good visuals for easy conceptualization.

  5. Maddie Meer says:

    The video was very good at connecting the research to specific modules we are learning. This made it easy to understand this complicated research. Overall, I found the video very engaging and informative.

  6. Prerna Kokil says:

    The content was very interesting and I was able to take away relevant information. I liked your approach to the video as it was engaging.

  7. Mehak Sahney says:

    I loved the way you presented the concepts in a creative and organized way. The audio was perfect, and the concepts were easy to understand and follow.

  8. Nimra Khan says:

    Nicely done! The topic was interesting and presented in an even more engaging way. The transitions were nice and the drawings provided a nice overall effect.

  9. Anh Vu-Ana says:

    I enjoyed how engaging and clear this video explained the genetics of Anorexia Nervosa. This was made with very simple to understand words, so I had a better grasp of the content of the video. To make this video even better, background music with a more upbeat tone would have improved the overall mood of the video.

  10. Richard Wong says:

    The video was very entertaining to watch and the video was played at a reasonable speed for the audience to understand the topics and diagrams represented. Overall the video did an excellent job in simplifying the topic to the audience and very entertaining.

  11. Salena says:

    This topic was very interesting and I did not know that anorexia could be genetic. Good job on illustrating the pictures and explaining the topic of genetics of anorexia nervosa. The music really set the mood of the video. The narration was clear. I really enjoyed it.

  12. Kyle Pierre says:

    The content in this video was quite interesting, and the drawings helped add to the mood of this video. The visuals kept me engaged, and the concepts were explained very thoroughly and clearly. The connection back to class content was also solid, great video!

  13. Zizi Ohamadike says:

    The audio was clear and easy to understand. The illustrations were both engaging and appropriate for the narration. You simplified the study while keeping the appropriate amount of information. Good job!

  14. Zoe Kim says:

    Good job! This was so interesting, all the statistics and studies kept me engaged! The videos and the detailed explanation of the concepts were great, and I like the addition of the eating disorder helpline.

  15. Sierra Fritz says:

    The explanation of genetics for anorexia was well explained with the drawings to enhance the audience’s understanding. I think the video did a great job at explaining this serious topic, while also connecting it to class content.

  16. Leah Tuck says:

    Mentioning specifics that we had learned in modules was a great way of connecting this information to the course. Additionally, the suggestions provided for the future helped to tie the video together and show that more research needs to be put to the genetics of anorexic patients .

  17. Samantha Rice says:

    I thought this was a really interesting video. I had no idea that this disease killed that many people. The narration was very clear and explained the material very effectively. I also thought the experiment was explained in a lot of depth. I learned a lot from this video and thought the group did a really great job.

  18. Kylie Semper says:

    I enjoyed watching this video and find the topic very interesting. The video has a good pace. The pictures make it easier to understand. I appreciate the help line at the end of the video, especially if this video goes public on youtube. This group did a great job talking about a very serious topic.

  19. Abigail Blackmon says:

    I liked the format of this video as there was always movement on the screen, keeping me engaged. I also liked the details included about why this study was different from ones in the past and what the researchers did to ensure the quality of their results. I liked that you included the potential impacts of the discoveries in this study. This video was very well done overall.

  20. Aleena Chaudhry says:

    The speaker did a great job with narration and simplifying this complex topic. I really learned a lot. I also liked that concepts were directly related to information that we learned in class. Amazing video!

  21. Tuyet Anh Nguyen says:

    Overall, I think you guys did an amazing job on the video. I found both the audio and the narration to be quite clear and concise. The pictures drawn were very pleasing to look at, and the transitions were smooth. These factors made the explanation of the concept very understandable.

  22. Akshara Jayaraman says:

    A very interesting topic, shown really well in this video! The visuals and the voiceovers clearly represented information from the article, and made me want to learn more and help people with this problem! You took a serious topic and made it very easily informative to the public, so great job!

  23. Sacha Pamphile says:

    Good job! The visuals allow for the topic to be more understood as they are simple and clear. There was sufficient evidence to show those who are effected by this disease. The topic was throughly explained and easy to follow and comprehend.

  24. Akshat Patel says:

    Great job in using a very unique approach in representing the information from the article. The audio and voice of the narrator was very clear to understand. You guys did a great job in explaining a difficult concept in simpler terms and also connecting it to concepts learned in lecture. Overall, nice video with good visual effects.

  25. Maya Davis says:

    Really great job! It was very fascinating and the explanations were simple enough to comprehend and I liked your connections back to our biology modules. I also thought it was very nice and kind of your group to give out a resource at the end for people who may be suffering from this body image disorder. Overall, really nice video, I enjoyed it.

  26. Erica Pareizs says:

    Good video it was easy to understand and had nice simple pictures that were engaging.

  27. Hannah Snyder says:

    I really love how this video was made and how it connects the information from their paper to what we are learning in class. I think it did a good job of showing how serious the topic is and keeping the audience engaged!

  28. Enye Lee says:

    Visually, the video is simple, easy to follow, and clearly portrays the information of the topic. The pacing of the video is also well done and consistent. The video shows the influence of genes on behavior that is often times seen as something that is developed through the environment. The implications of the topic were well articulated and are important to consider.

  29. Sydney Prusak says:

    I thought that this video was executed very well! The visuals and the audio were both very clear! I also liked that the hotline phone number was included at the end of the video. Overall, the information displayed in the video showed me a new perspective for Anorexia.

  30. Alixandra Teschner says:

    The visuals of the video are very simple but also clear and fun to watch. The information is explained very clearly and is easy to understand. You guys did a great job being sensitive but also informational with the topic. Great video!

  31. Eva Salmon says:

    This was a really interesting video, and I learned a lot about anorexia that I did not know at all. I like how someone drew pictures on the board while another person narrated and explained what was going on. Overall, the video was really good and captivating. It was easy to follow along with and it kept my attention the whole time.

  32. Madeline Tapp says:

    The video and images were simple and easy to follow. The narration showed a clear understanding of the subject matter, and did a good job of linking the science of anorexia nervosa to its implications in the world around us. The visuals were simple which was good, but they could have been more engaging if they used more color. Overall, very informative and well made!!

  33. Sydney Prusak says:

    I thought that this video was executed very well! The visuals and the audio were both very clear! I also liked that the hotline phone number was included at the end of the video. I never previously thought about Anoxeria from a genetic perspective. The study mentioned in this video was explained very well. Overall, the information displayed in the video showed me a new perspective for Anorexia.

  34. Michelle Han says:

    I really liked the music in the beginning. It created a sad and serious mood which made us contemplate this disorder. I learned that anorexia nervosa can be associated with genetics. The audio was clear and explained in a simpler way. To point out, I wish there were more statistics related to this topic. But overall great job!

  35. Michael Nguyen says:

    The combination of narration and visual drawings are a great duo for explanation and help to pace us through a difficult topic. In addition, the pictures were simple and easy to follow which is typically difficult when breaking down complicated topics. For a rather serious and complicated topic, this great did a thorough and effective job.

  36. Vivi Tran says:

    I really enjoyed watching your video! It was extremely informative, and I loved the whiteboard format! The drawings really helped me further understand the topics presented in the video. Overall, great job!

  37. Michael Sketel says:

    I enjoyed your video a lot! I especially loved your introduction; the piano music was so therapeutic. You did an amazing job of illustrating your content, which helped me absorb the material in an effective manner. I would have tried to lower the static sound on the audio, but overall I think you did a fantastic job with your video.

  38. Elijah Grindle says:

    The visuals are simplistic but the narration helps the video remain clear and easy to follow. I wish there were some more visuals and that some of them could have stayed up a little longer but I totally understand given the time limit. Excellent way to approach a serious mental health problem and the resource as the end is wonderful and thoughtful. Would be interesting to know where research will go to prevent anorexia from a genetic standpoint now. Great video!

  39. Andrianna Mancil says:

    In my opinion, the audio was very quite and did not relay the important information in a powerful way. The details that the group touched on were very interesting to learn about. A shift or change in presentation design may liven up the video.

  40. Celine Akande says:

    Good job! This video taught me something I didn’t know and was entertaining along the way. I think the images could have been more complex, but I know that when you are drawing on a whiteboard there are some limitations.

  41. Perpetual Nketsiah says:

    I liked the simple graphics and clear audio in this video. I found it very interesting that chances of becoming anorexic had something to do with the genetics of an individual, and it definitely changed my mind on the notion that anorexia is solely psychological. I can for sure see improvement in how this disorder is addressed henceforth based on the results of this experiment.

  42. Ariz Jebien Sayson says:

    The combination of the simplistic drawings along with the clear narrative made the content in this video easy to follow and understand, especially for such a complicated disease with many factors affecting it. The relation of your topic back to module 3 regarding structure and function was a nice callback to our lectures.

  43. Saulye Nichols says:

    The narration was easy to follow and this video was very eye-opening. I had never considered anorexia to be a genetic disorder, but the way you guys explained it makes sense. Great video!

  44. Andrianna Mancil says:

    New Comment: I still believe that the audio was quiet and didn’t have passion pushing the presenters voice. It is interesting that anorexia has effects from metabolic components. This was a very interesting video and I think the images were drawn in a very aesthetically pleasing way. It was also interesting that they included the phone number for the help line.

  45. Caroline Rigsbee says:

    This was a super interesting topic and it was explained really well through the narrator and the script. I liked the soft music in the background, it really rounded out the overall message and tone of the video. I liked how the graphics were hand-drawn and sped up to match the audio. Overall a great video!

  46. Hannah Shin says:

    I really enjoyed this video! I loved how you included drawings to engage the audience and how informative you were in your explanations. The format of the video was creative, and the commentary flowed well with the drawings. Your audio and video quality was very clear and crisp as well. Excellent job!

  47. Kylie Semper says:

    You did a great job of explaining a touchy subject. I especially appreciated the help line number at the very end. Before watching this video I did not know that anorexia was impacted by genetics. Very interesting and informative video!

  48. Jayden Kimbro says:

    As soon as I saw the title of the video I looked forward to watching it because I never thought of anorexia nervosa as a result of genetics. The information was presented clearly and the drawings were helpful in understanding the topic. Good job!

  49. Onyinye Chukka says:

    I think was a very creative way to showcase the information on a health condition that many people struggle with. The voiceover was clear and very well coordinated with the visuals. I learned several interesting facts from watching the video. This group did a great job.

  50. Oluwatosin Sogbesan says:

    I like how simple your visuals are and how you explained your topic. It was thorough and detailed in explanation. I like how you debunked the common myth that anorexia was solely psychological. Very interesting!

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