F19-15: Diarrhea-Causing Bacteria Adapted to Spread in Hospitals


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46 Responses to F19-15: Diarrhea-Causing Bacteria Adapted to Spread in Hospitals

  1. Maddie Meer says:

    I really enjoyed this video it was easy to follow along- I thought the speaking pace was very good. Additionally, the drawings and flow of the video kept the topic very engaging. I would suggest trying to stabilize the camera so the video is less shaky but overall the information was well presented.

  2. Nimra Khan says:

    Very nice job using the figures from the article to your advantage! The drawings were clear and the information was easy to understand. One suggestion would be to minimize the amount of camera movement and have smoother transitions between different ideas. Good job overall

  3. Salena Le says:

    I do agree that the camera was a little shaky. Try propping it up on something so that the video could be stable. However, the drawings were very good and easy to understand with the topic that was discussed. I think the video was really good in general and interesting.

  4. Anh Vu-Ana says:

    Nice job explaining the concept of Diarrhea causing bacteria. Your use of real time drawings added to the quality of your video and made it very engaging to the viewers. Although this had an overall very good quality, one thing to improve on would be the camera movements. This minimizes any distractions to the audience! I loved this concept of filming though!!

  5. Richard Wong says:

    The video was very informative and the topic is extremely interesting, the audio remained consistent through the whole video and the topics were conveyed in terms a general audience can comprehend. However, the animation and video seems rushed and the transitions are relatively quick without any time for the audience to understand the info the diagrams are trying to convey.

  6. Ayomide Ayeni says:

    You did a good job of being able to explain the concepts in a fun way! The graphics throughout the video was very helpful in helping the viewer to understand the video. The narrator also gave lots of examples which is always a good thing.

  7. Kyle Pierre says:

    The narration was very clear, and the visuals cleared things up and helped to keep me engaged. This topic is actually very interesting, and I think you guys did a nice job at explaining this article. The connection back to class content was also very relevant, and also aided my understanding, nice video!

  8. Zizi Ohamadike says:

    This video has great illustrations and explanations that helped me understand the topic. Overall, the video was very engaging and the amount of information was appropriate. Good job!

  9. Sierra Fritz says:

    The concept was very well explained with the diagrams and drawings correlating well with the audio. I enjoyed how the video was in constant motion to keep the audience’s attention. Some of the transitions between segments could have been smoother, but the overall effect was there. Good job.

  10. Sierra Fritz says:

    The video had a very clear flow that kept the audience’s attention, but sometimes the transitions were a little rough. The relevance to class content made good connections along with the diagrams and pictures that both engaged the audience.

  11. Samantha Rice says:

    I thought this was a really effective video. The narration was clear and all of the pictures were neat and very helpful. I also think that the topic was very interesting and I liked how it was related to future medicine at the end of the video. The only thing that I would say needed improvement was the movement of the camera. It was a little distracting when trying to focus on the drawings. Other than that this group did a really great job.

  12. Leah Tuck says:

    You guys did a great job of using simple examples to explain evolutionary processes, such as the change in human structure and a bird’s beak. Also, the background music made the video much more engaging and the graphs used to explain the results were clear and explained well. Awesome job!

  13. Mehak Sahney says:

    The camera was a little shaky, but overall, the pictures helped a lot with understanding the concept. Additionally, the detailed pictures at the end did a phenomenal job of summarizing the research.

  14. Abigail Blackmon says:

    I liked the format of the video with the drawings although the movement of the camera was a little distracting. The connections to Biol 1511 ideas were done very well, as you explained the idea and then connected it back to the ideas in the paper. This is a really interesting and important topic.

  15. Ha Jin Kim says:

    Great work on covering the information! The addition of music and drawings made the video more entertaining. My recommendation is using a tripod so the video doesn’t look shaky.

  16. Akshara Jayaraman says:

    This is a very interesting topic and it was presented really well in the video! I found it very engaging and easy to follow. The voiceover was very clear and presented the information very nicely. The visuals were nicely drawn and helped to understand the video better. Overall, great job!

  17. Sacha Pamphile says:

    This video provides good evidence with graphs and charts. The illustrations make it easier to understand the complex topic. The information presented was detailed and clear through out the entire video. Great job!

  18. Akshat Patel says:

    Throughout the video, the camera was very shaky which made it hard to view the video. The illustrations and graphs made the concepts easier to understand. The narrator had a clear voice throughout the video. Better transitions could have made the video have better quality. Overall, the video was great with good explanations.

  19. Maya Davis says:

    This video presented great information and it was very easy to comprehend. The drawings also helped to keep my attention while also being a helpful tool to explain. What I do think you could improve on is the filming part as the camera was a bit shaky, but overall I think the video was done well.

  20. Erica Pareizs says:

    I got dizzy watching the first part due to the shaky camera. I almost lost my hearing at the end with the super loud music. However, the information in the video was super easy to follow and was well explained.

  21. Hannah Snyder says:

    I like how you have the citation on the front page of the video, I also think you gave very good information and images. I think the camera work could have been a little bit more stable. I liked the video and think the explanations were very appropriate for the topic.

  22. Enye Lee says:

    The visuals that coincide with the script helps the audience understand the narrator and, overall, helps emphasize key points. The narrator spoke in an clear and concise manner. There were also good connections from the course present in the video. The diagrams and graph helped support your topic. The shakiness of the camera sometimes distracts the focus of the audience. More words in the visual presentation in conjunction with the drawings could improve the clarity of the video.

  23. Basma Hamid says:

    This video was really interesting to watch. The visuals made the concept easier to understand and they were easy to follow along as well. I especially like that the group incorporated examples from the text to further support their topic, and the narrator was spoke clearly and didnt rush at all. I do agree the camera was shaky, which distracted from the video, but overall job well done!

  24. Katelyn Mcmath says:

    The topic of the video was very interesting. The movement of the camera was somewhat distracting but I liked the background transition music, which gave it a more professional feel. Additionally, the drawings were very well done and interesting to watch. The explanation of the experiment and research was very informative but I think that more time should have been spent explaining the research instead of explaining natural selection.

  25. Prerna Kokil says:

    I really enjoyed watching the video. The images were well done and matched the script well. The sound was clear which made it easy to hear. Although the camera was shaky, the message was still able to get across effectively.

  26. Sydney Prusak says:

    I thought that this video thoroughly explained the entire topic. The drawings and flow charts enhanced my understanding greatly. I also liked that the citation was placed in the entire video. In order to enhance clarity, I would recommend that the video is stabilized and the volume is slightly louder. Overall, the presentation was very good!

  27. Michael Nguyen says:

    The explanations and drawn depictions really make this video and help viewers move along seamlessly. Though I understand that the video was recorded to match the explanations with the visuals most accurately, I believe the camera could have been mounted or just faced towards the board instead of held as the shakiness makes it somewhat distracting.

  28. Alixandra Teschner says:

    Other than a slightly shaky camera, the video is very good. The drawing and writing on the whiteboard was very creative and the voice over is paced well. It is easy to follow along and understand.

  29. Eva Salmon says:

    This video was really good and easy to follow along with. I like how you had the drawings and sped them up and then had a person narrating everything. I also like how you included some graphs and data in the video. You did a good job explaining everything, and I never got confused by what was going on.

  30. Andrew Hood says:

    The pace of the video was good, and the drawings and figures helped drive home the topic. The video was well made other than the shaky camera angles and the abrupt change of volume in ending music. Good job!

  31. Michelle Han says:

    The video really ties back to our learning from the class. Just the right amount of music and the right tone make the video pleasing. Many efforts can be seen in the video with the drawing. The graph and image were relevant to the study investigated and support the main idea. Good work!

  32. Sydney Prusak says:

    I thought that this video thoroughly explained the entire topic. The drawings and flow charts enhanced my understanding greatly. I also liked that the citation was placed in the entire video. I thought it was interesting that hospitals may have to get stronger disinfectants in order to protect the patients from C. Difficile. In order to enhance clarity, I would recommend that the video is stabilized and the volume is slightly louder. Overall, the presentation was very good!

  33. Michael Nguyen says:

    Watching this video, I enjoyed the visuals you guys put out. They helped the video move along at an understandable yet engaging pace. However, I wish that you guys went more into depth on the figures you guys referenced from other sources, such as the graphs you displayed around 2 minutes. I believe it does bolster your argument but I do not exactly understand how since I don’t know what each axis or figure represents.

  34. Madeline Tapp says:

    I found the drawings to be very engaging and helpful, and I liked the repetition of certain drawings to help the audience make associations to better follow the information. The video did a very good job of presenting the information, and I especially liked the conclusion because it explained the relevance of the study and information to the world. Overall, very well done!

  35. Michael Sketel says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video. I found your drawings to be a very organized method to present your information. The pictures allowed me to visualize the content, which helped me as I am a visual learner. I would have kept the drawings on the screen for a little bit longer and lowered the volume of the static sound, but overall I loved your video!

  36. Andrianna Mancil says:

    I enjoyed watching her draw as the content was explained. I felt as though the audio was a little difficult to understand, but the volume was loud enough to hear it. The pictures did a great job captivating the viewers.

  37. Vivi Tran says:

    I like how you guys chose to do a whiteboard format to explain the topic! It made the video super engaging and interesting to watch! The video was a little shaky at the beginning, but it did not distract from the information presented.

  38. Celine Akande says:

    The movement of the camera was a bit distracting, but the effort you guys put in to make the images appealing made up for it. The video was easy to follow and the topic was clearly explained.

  39. Ariz Jebien Sayson says:

    The narration was clear and easy to follow. The flow of ideas from broad to specific was done cohesively. Additionally, the drawings and examples were very helpful in helping me visualize the topic at hand. I especially like how you related your topic back to evolution/natural selection which we covered in class.

  40. Hannah Shin says:

    I really enjoyed your video! The drawings made the material presented easy to follow along and learn from, especially since I’m a visual learner. I suggest placing the recording device on a stable surface to prevent shaky footage for future video projects. Otherwise, I think you did an excellent job.

  41. Saulye Nichols says:

    The narration speed and how the topics were explained made everything clear and easy to follow. The camera was shaky at the beginning, but it got better and didn’t distract too much from the information. I liked how there was a connection from the specific bacteria (C. difficile) to the larger concept of evolution that we learned in class. Good job!

  42. Andrianna Mancil says:

    New Comment: I enjoyed how they relayed information to the development of humans (evolution) to the overall theme of the video, which is bacteria. Also I thought the images did a nice job explaining the dense topic. The audio was a little choppy from the different recordings. Overall this was an interesting video.

  43. Caroline Rigsbee says:

    The camera was shaking and ended up being a little distracting, but overall the content was explained extremely well and it was an interesting topic. I loved the graphics and drawings that accompanied the voiceover, but I wished they would’ve moved a little slower so I could really look at them.

  44. Jayden Kimbro says:

    I really like how you guys talked not only about the results of the research but also the procedures that were involved. I also liked the use of drawings and pre-made graphics. Good job on this!

  45. Oluwatosin Sogbesan says:

    Nice job on your video, I like the visualizations as they were easy to follow. I did have trouble with the audio a bit, next time try using a different medium. Overall, great job!

  46. Onyinye Chukka says:

    Good job, I liked the video idea, but the camera was a little bit shaky in the beginning. Good work breaking down the experiment and explaining the procedures with pictures to help.

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