F19-5 Rhodopsin Based Phototrophy in the Ocean

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41 Responses to F19-5 Rhodopsin Based Phototrophy in the Ocean

  1. Mehak Sahney says:

    The video was very informative and organized. Everyone did a great job of summarizing the pictures displayed as well and relating it to the research itself.

  2. Maddie Meer says:

    I enjoyed the graphs and pictures in the video. They were well explained and therefore assisted in my understanding of the topic. The video could possibly have been slightly more engaging with the addition of transitions between slides or background music but overall the topic was well explained.

  3. Nimra Khan says:

    The content is very informative and is presented in a visually engaging way. The figures were nicely explained. However, the video did get a bit long.

  4. Anh Vu-Ana says:

    This video was very well performed and informative. I had a great time learning about Rhodopsin based phototrophy in the oceans. The pictures painted a vivid image of the description that you gave. Although the overall quality was great, this can be more engaging through the use of music, different colors, etc.

  5. Richard Wong says:

    The video all of the necessary information that allows the audience to understand the main point of the article, however the lack of animation and slides that consisted of too much words/ diagram is a little bit confusing. Regardless, the video presented a lot of relevant information that, not only allowed me to learn about the paper, but also clarified some of the concepts in class, such as the coriolis effect.

  6. Jamie Madigan says:

    I like how you went step by step explaining the aspects of this concept. It made it very easy to follow and I think someone that isn’t in our class could easily understand it. Great transitions for explaining how each of your points relate. For example talking about how human’s actions are related to the bacteria in the ocean.

  7. Salena Le says:

    The information given out was good and understandable. However, I felt like I was watching a lecture and some of the voiceover was too loud or too soft. But overall, the presentation contained good information with images to help understand

  8. Zizi Ohamadike says:

    This video has an appropriate amount of information and the narration made this information easy to understand. The images also aided in making the information easy to comprehend. I also liked how the narration interacted with the images (such as the graphs and the maps) in the video.

  9. Zoe Kim says:

    Although I could understand the information, the video was not very engaging because it felt like I was overwhelmed by the number of diagrams on each slide. The video, however, did a good job relating to concepts that we have studied throughout the semester.

  10. Sierra Fritz says:

    The diagrams in the video were very well explained so that even someone who knew nothing of the topic could understand what was going on. All of the terms were also well explained to the audience. The difference between the audio levels could be fixed to better match a constant volume. Overall, the explanations were executed clearly for the audience to understand.

  11. Samantha Rice says:

    I thought the narratives of this video were very effective. Everything was explained very well and I felt like I had a great understanding of the topic. Although the sides were very organized and included many pictures, I felt that it would have been a more effective video if it was more interactive or engaging.

  12. Leah Tuck says:

    The speakers did a great job at explaining concepts slowly, addressing the audience, and explaining all of the pictures and graphs on the page. A suggestion I would have is to add less text and have more movement on the page, such as animations and transitions.

  13. Basma Hamid says:

    very informative and very elaborative when it came to explaining the ideas presented in the video. I think the group did a wonderful job of conveying their ideas, and really expanded my understanding on the topic. Really interesting; good job!

  14. Abigail Blackmon says:

    The video did a really good job of including many topics from Biol 1511. I think you could have explained how competition and other individual topics relate to your topic a little more to make the connections more clear. I really liked the usage of many pictures and graphs. It was helpful in understanding the information and making the video more engaging. Overall, this video was well done and explained an interesting topic that I previously did not know about, despite the impact of these bacteria.

  15. Ha Jin Kim says:

    The video was informative and contained all the necessary information. Although some of the speakers spoke softly than the others, I really enjoyed how detailed the explanations were. I think the video would have been more entertaining if there was music or animation.

  16. Akshara Jayaraman says:

    Very informative video! I like the presentation of the video with a PowerPoint and clear voiceovers. The voiceovers, however, could be more clear. The presentation could be made more engaging with better visuals and easy to understand information.

  17. Sacha Pamphile says:

    This video does a good job of providing appropriate evidence such as pictures, graphs, and charts to support the topic. The information is presented distinctly and thoroughly to where the viewer can easily understand and comprehend what is being said. Overall, this video was great as it gives the audience a good amount of data to be able to follow along.

  18. Maya Davis says:

    The visuals used in your video were very helpful in explaining your topic. At times the video did get disengaging but I think that could be solved with maybe light background music behind the narration and or nice transitions between the slides.

  19. Akshat Patel says:

    The video had great use of graphs and charts which helped with understanding the concepts. Towards the middle of the video, there was a significant amount of um’s and uhh’s that were used which hindered delivery of speech. Transitions also could have been a little bit more smoother to effectively deliver the speech. The video also did a great job in connecting the topic to the concepts learned in lecture. Overall, great job in being informative and elaborative in the video.

  20. Tuyet Anh Nguyen says:

    I really liked the visuals you guys used, since they helped keep me engaged. The voiceovers were very clear and understandable, making your explanations also clear and understandable. A suggestion to make your video more engaging is by adding background music or possibly less text. But other than that, it was a great video with good explanations of the content!

  21. Hannah Snyder says:

    I think the video did a good job of explaining the topic, however, it could have been more engaging and interesting in terms of the visuals. The audio could have been made more smooth if there was better volume control. overall I really enjoyed watching your video.

  22. Enye Lee says:

    The narrators are very clear and concise with the script; this allows for the audience to easily understand the concepts of the topic. The relevant inclusion of upwelling and the Coriolis Effect connects the biology course to your topic. The slides are a little wordy and therefore sometimes make it hard to focus. Some slides have too many graphs which are not elaborated on.

  23. Michelle Han says:

    The video contained useful information. Even though the narration was slightly in a monotone voice, it was clear and easy to follow. I think you guys did a great job of explaining the topic and necessary information where needed. All of your explanation pertains to what we have learned in class. Good job!

  24. Prerna Kokil says:

    Great job on the video. The images were clear to view and the sound was loud enough to hear. The information was well presented and I was able to take way key research on the Rhodopsin. Everyone in the group had a fair share of presentation time.

  25. Sydney Prusak says:

    I enjoyed the execution of the video. I also enjoyed the graphs, diagrams, and pictures. These visuals helped explain the topic throughout. Background music could have been utilized, especially during the moments without narration. The narration could have been slightly smoother to enhance clarity. Overall, I enjoyed the video a lot!

  26. Alixandra Teschner says:

    Everything is very well explained and clear. The images and text on the screen go along with the voice over and make sense. However, some of these images were not talked about enough. Overall a very informative video.

  27. Eva Salmon says:

    I think this video is really good and informative. All of the information presented is relevant to the topic and helps explain it. The pictures and graphs are all helpful as well and go along well with what the narrator is talking about. The whole video goes together nicely and is easy to follow along with and captivating.

  28. Sydney Prusak says:

    I enjoyed the execution of the video. I also enjoyed the graphs, diagrams, and pictures. These visuals helped explain the topic throughout. Background music could have been utilized, especially during the moments without narration. I found it interesting that the Coriolis effect plays a significant role in the number of bacteria. The narration could have been slightly smoother to enhance clarity. Overall, I enjoyed the video a lot!

  29. Andrew Hood says:

    The video was easy to follow and very informative. The audio was inconsistent across different speakers, and at times I felt as if there was a lot on-screen to look at. Some of it could have been divided into different slides. Overall a good video! Good Job!

  30. Andrianna Mancil says:

    The video goes at a good pace in which the information is clear and understandable. The group members did a good job in choosing the pictures and graphics to correctly match the content explained.

  31. Celine Akande says:

    This video was clear and concise when it needed to be, but it still gave the appropriate amount of detail. The changes in audio were the only thing I would critique, but it can be difficult to control that sort of thing.

  32. Perpetual Nketsiah says:

    I liked the clear audio in the video, and the transitions were well done, but as much as I appreciated having the points made in the video written on the screen, I also would have liked less words so that I would not lose focus. Good job, nonetheless.

  33. Vivi Tran says:

    The visuals were very well explained and really added to the information in the video. The slides were super organized and structured, which made the information easier to understand. Watching this video definitely taught me something new!

  34. Andrianna Mancil says:

    New Comment: I enjoyed the video because it was explained at a nice and slow pace, which is helpful when understanding a difficult topic. Is upwelling a process that positively or negatively affects the ocean and its surroundings? Overall the group members did a nice job presenting.

  35. Saulye Nichols says:

    The charts and pictures were engaging and enhanced the narration. The audio was clear and easy to understand. Some transitions between slides could’ve made the video more exciting, but overall you guys did a great job!

  36. Caroline Rigsbee says:

    I liked the pictures but some of the slides were very dense and had too much to look at in the time they were on the screen. Maybe adding background music or different/bigger fonts to make the slides less dense. Overall a great job and the topic was explained well!

  37. Kylie Semper says:

    This video helped me understand the concepts of Coriolis effect and upwelling much better. The structure was very organized, which made it easy for the viewer to follow. However, some of the explanations could have been more simplistic to educate someone who was unfamiliar with the subject.

  38. Ariz Jebien Sayson says:

    Good job relating the topic back to the process of photosynthesis and the Coriolis Effect as we went over in lecture. I especially like the use of a flowchart to give an explanation as to how human interaction leads to the high number of bacteria found in low-nutrient waters. The visual aids definitely helped me understand the content within this video.

  39. Michael Sketel says:

    I very much enjoyed watching your video! I thought that your powerpoint approach was very effective in presenting your information. Your explanations were very clear and concise, and your use of images helped solidify the information. I think you could have added some spice to the format of the presentation, but overall it was really good.

  40. Onyinye Chukka says:

    The video had nice visuals that aided the viewer in understanding the topic. The topic was well explained and the organization was nicely structured. One improvement that could be made is making sure the audio is consistent for the whole video.

  41. Onyinye Chukka says:

    The video had nice pictures and graphs that aided the viewer in understanding the topic. The topic was well explained and the organization was nicely structured. One improvement that could be made is making sure the audio is consistent for the whole video.

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