F19-8 Ecosystems Shift Due to Climate Change

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15 Responses to F19-8 Ecosystems Shift Due to Climate Change

  1. Thanh Long Nguyen says:

    You did a great job of explaining the research, and I also like the animation included in the video. However, I feel that some parts of the video are not as engaging as the other parts.

  2. Maddie Meer says:

    I really enjoyed this video! The information was clear and well organized and the graphics were engaging.

  3. Prerna Kokil says:

    Great video! The animations were relevant to the discussion and it flows well. The audio was clear and loud enough.

  4. Nimra Khan says:

    Nice video! I like the animations and the visuals used to engage the reader. I also like the use of common ideas connected back to what we have learned in class as well as the simplification of the complicated topic. Some parts seemed to move slower than others but good job overall!

  5. Richard Wong says:

    The entire video was very engaging and informative, simplifying a lot of concepts that may be confusing to the general audience. Love the background music that really caught my attention to the concepts presented. The video did a great job in presenting the information in the most attractive way, however, some of the graphs are kinda of blurry, other than that, the video was excellent.

  6. Aleena Chaudhry says:

    The animations used were engaging and cool! One particular graph was difficult to view; however, the speaker explained it well. For me, it was easy to understand the research and concepts in this video. Great work!

  7. Akshara Jayaraman says:

    The video is very engaging and informative with all the visuals, as well as the clear voiceovers. The animations helped to engage the audience, but at the same time provide good information. It is clearly organized and shows the contents of the articles well.

  8. Hannah Snyder says:

    I really like the use of animation in the video. The audio was good, however, it was a little choppy at times. I think you explained the topic very well.

  9. Elijah Grindle says:

    The information was all really good and put into context for the urgency of climate change. Loved hearing about what scientists are doing now to help detect climate change and thus prepare for it. Everything was very well thought out in this video and the animation was nice!

  10. Andrianna Mancil says:

    This video does a good job explaining small things that lay the complete foundation to better understand the video. It also does a good job explaining the WHY factor of the concept. Very nice graphics, but there was a big change in the different audios.

  11. Vivi Tran says:

    I love the animations! They make the video super engaging and interesting to watch! The information was also very well presented. The audio was also very clear, which made it easier to understand the information.

  12. Celine Akande says:

    This video was informative and the animation was engaging. One thing that stood out to me was the organization and the casual nature of the narration. It came off like you guys were really knowledgeable. Overall, good job.

  13. Saulye Nichols says:

    This topics in this video were very easy to understand and the animation was amazing! Some parts of the audio were fuzzy, but overall it was clear. The music was not too distracting and it even enhanced the information in the last half of the video. Great job!

  14. Onyinye Chukka says:

    I loved the animation in the video because it added more engagement to the video. The beginning of the video was my favorite and it really drew my attention and summarized the main idea of the topic. Great job guys!

  15. Oluwatosin Sogbesan says:

    I like your visuals and animations as they kept me up and attentive. Your explanation of this very relevant topic was precise and well organized. My favorite part of the video was your music, it was at the perfect volume, well done!

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