F19-Group 7: Helping Bacteria Be Friends

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22 Responses to F19-Group 7: Helping Bacteria Be Friends

  1. Vishva Natarajan says:

    It was interesting to learn how researchers produced something of a mutual symbiotic relationship between bacteria by making them depend on each other. The slides were text-heavy, so overall the video could have been more engaging with more pictures and perhaps music playing the background.

  2. Hollyn Tao says:

    This video is very interesting. I would not have thought scientists would want bacteria to be friends with each other. I think there was a little too much text on the screen, whereas less might have been more beneficial to understanding.

  3. Thanh Long Nguyen says:

    I find the video and the research very interesting! It makes me question how can the different bacteria organisms transfer amino acids to each other?

  4. Anh Vu-Ana says:

    This video was very informative, with many interesting facts! I like how there were many pictures that drew a picture of the information given. Although the overall quality of the video was good, but the audio quality and transition could use improvement. Ultimately, I liked this video and how well you guys filmed your video!

  5. Zizi Ohamadike says:

    This video has a lot of great information! The audio was very clear and easy to understand, and I learned a lot about the variety of bacteria that was included in the video. Sometimes the amount of text on the slides was overwhelming. However, the information was presented well. Good job!

  6. Zoe Kim says:

    The topic is extemely interesting! I liked the organization and the transition of your slides. However, the voiceover quality was not consistent, making it difficult to listen to. Even so, the video made great connections between the topic and the concepts we learned during the semester.

  7. Leah Tuck says:

    The information provided was very interesting, and something I had not thought of before. My one suggestion would be to include more pictures and animations rather than text, as it was sometimes difficult to read. Overall, great video!

  8. Basma Hamid says:

    Very informative and really interesting. You guys did a good job of explaining everything, however, I do wish it was more interactive. Pretty good overall!

  9. Ha Jin Kim says:

    I liked how the video was labeled into sections like methods, results, etc. Overall, great coverage of the material. One thing I suggest is a smoother voice transition along with the video.

  10. Nimra Khan says:

    The video was very informative and I like the way you all arranged the information in a slides format. The transitions were even and organized, although I would suggest to improve the audio quality at some points. Very nice video!

  11. Enye Lee says:

    The audio is very clear and easy to understand, but the volume could have been more consistent. The video was very informative and well described, making clear connections to the topics of the course. The slides could use less words and maybe more diagrams and images.

  12. Katelyn Mcmath says:

    The video was informative, but I think the information could have been presented in a somewhat more interesting manner with more pictures and drawings. However, I did find the section connecting the information to our course helpful and interesting.

  13. Erica Pareizs says:

    The audio balance within the first to second slides was painful. The information was good, but the words were just on the slides so I feel like the audio along with the words was not needed and disengaging.

  14. Elijah Grindle says:

    Would have loved to have heard more on some of the effects of this study such as how it can help humans live healthier lives. But overall the information was easy to follow and well placed within the video. Less text and more visuals would have drawn me in more but still a good video!

  15. Andrianna Mancil says:

    Although the audio in the video is very clear, the content is very dense and difficult to absorb in such a short amount of time. Next time try to make it a little more “short and sweet” to truly captivate the viewers.

  16. Perpetual Nketsiah says:

    The audio was clear and easy to understand. Concerning the graphics, I would have appreciated more explanatory images rather than several words on the screen. As for the content, I liked the idea of the experiment; it was interesting. I also liked how you connected the goals of the experiment to the human body so that we could better understand the aim of the research. Additionally, I liked how you connected the key ideas of the experiment to the modules we learned in class.

  17. Andrianna Mancil says:

    New Comment: Again, the audio was extremely clear and easy to follow, but due to all of the text and information on the video slide, it was difficult to understand and look at everything. Do you think that all types of bacteria are able to “be friends” or is it only some types?

  18. Saulye Nichols says:

    This video was very informative. The narration was easy to follow and the audio was clear. Sometimes the amount of text on the screen was a lot to read at once, but overall this was a great video!

  19. Caroline Rigsbee says:

    If I were to say one negative thing about the video, it would be that there were too many words on each slide, and the voiceover said exactly what the viewer could read with their own eyes. The content was interesting and was explained well, however the volume of the audio could be improved to be more consistent throughout.

  20. Michael Sketel says:

    I really enjoyed watching your video! I found it to be very clear and organized, as well as visually appealing with its color scheme. I also liked the consistency of your design from slide to slide. Occasionally the audio became a little loud, but overall I thought you made a great video.

  21. Jayden Kimbro says:

    Good job! The video was very easy to understand. I would suggest, however, removing a lot of the text on the slides as it became a lot to take in. Especially when much of the text was what was being narrated in the first place.

  22. Onyinye Chukka says:

    The video had clear audio which was nice, however, there was a lot of text on the screen at one time. At times, the text was overwhelming and made the information difficult to follow. Besides the text, the video was well made and instructional.

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