F19-Group 7: Helping Bacteria Be Friends

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F19-12 Genetics of Anorexia Nervosa

A quick look at a recent study outlining a proposed shift from anorexia nervosa being viewed as a psychological disease to a metabo-psychological disease!

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F19 – Group 6: Climate Change and Plant Diversity

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F19: Group 14 Intracellular Nutritional Symbionts of Placozoans

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F19-13 Effects of the Gut Microbe on Longevity of Life

This video presentation addresses how the gut microbe can be the solution to living a longer life. Through lab research and studies on old and young mice, we see that a healthier gut leads to a healthier and longer life.

Can Gut Microbes lead to eternal life?
Michelle Han, Anna Mancil , Richard Wong, Stevi Floyd


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Group 13 – Immune Response and Seropositivity, Age, Sex, Genetic Variation

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F18-6 Effects of Climate Change on North American Amphibian Populations

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F18-9 Microbes to Blame for Raising Global Temperatures

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F18-10: Micro-environments and Anaerobic Metabolism


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Group 12 – Child Weight Gain Trajectories Linked to Oral Microbiota Composition

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